Gossip Girl Review: Call Me Serena!

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If nothing else, the Russell Thorpe story line can no longer be called boring.

In the first installment of Gossip Girl's two-part season finale, Bart's old partner was exposed as a sociopath and possible murderer - one setting his sights on the ultimate revenge, holding the one thing Chuck truly covets in life in a precarious position.

Let's backtrack and break down how Russell and Blair ended up on the roof ...

Mr. Louis Waldorf

Despite predictable developments and serious plot holes, "Shattered Bass" was entertaining for the most part and featured some terrific cameos and one-liners.

Blair and Louis' love affair is in full bloom, although I certainly didn't sense a lot of chemistry between them this week. Partly because B was seeing Chuck a lot.

She spends a lot of time worrying about Chuck for someone supposedly so enthralled with Louis, doesn't she? The writers sure glossed over Chuck's abuse fast.

Princess Sophie even had B tailed to prove that she was being dishonest with Louis. This begs the question: If she reveals her dark side, will he still want her?

He claims he will, but it looks far from certain. Those unsavory elements of B's personality are what forms the magnetism Chuck feels with Blair and vice versa.

Princess Sophie was won over, though, thanks to Cyrus. Wallace Shawn once again proved he is the man, and not just because of his Princess Bride reference.

Meanwhile, in thoroughly confusing Chuck news mostly redeemed by the return of Desmond Harrington as Jack, Raina called in Evil Uncle Bass. For REVENGE.

Jack then got in touch with Russell and plotted to take down Chuck, because Raina was to amateurish. Then Jack enlisted some thugs to force Chuck into rehab.

It's a good thing this was a setup - to trap Russell into rifling through Chuck's stuff with him supposedly locked away - because it was unrealistic on many levels.

Russell falling for it was amazing in a sense, but he was pretty desperate. The surveillance tape Russell wanted so hard didn't prove Bart Bass' guilt, but his own.

Jack's Back

It was great, and admittedly unexpected, to see Jack take Chuck's side on this one, and noble of young Bass to let Russell walk with the same deal Bart had offered him.

Then Nate had to go and open his pretty mouth.

Having heard the truth from Nate, Raina called her dad to tell him he may as well be dead to her too. Betrayed, reeling and crazy, Russell hatched a plan for revenge.

Just as Chuck went to make a last-ditch effort to win over Blair at her public, royal debut with Louis, she was lured again by her star-crossed flame to Charlies' Place.

The roof of the hotel he's building, that is. Only Russell Thorpe awaited her, not Chuck. Will he bookend his career of torching buildings with Bass love interests inside?

Will Chuck stop him in the nick of time, only to win Blair's heart back from Louis? And is Raina's mom actually dead? We'll have to see when the season wraps May 16.

While all this was happening, Charlie went off her medication.

What she takes it for, why she stopped taking it, why she left evidence of not taking it in plain view, and how missing one dose made her NUTS in about three hours?

All very unclear. But that's where we're at right now.

She Wants That Lab

After Dan invited Charlie to a fundraiser at Constance (which hilariously featured the return of Katy and Iz, along with those Gossip Girl fans who are like 12), Charlie freaked that she had nothing to wear, then showed up in Serena’s Cotillion dress!

This was absurdly awesome moment #1 of Charlie's story line: Serena's reaction and her cousin's insistence that it was a Nina Ricci number she bought once she got access to the Rhodes Trust Fund (another confusing plot element I won't get into).

Awesome moment #2? Charlie deciding she wants to get Humphreyed in Headmistress Queller’s office, slipping out of that dress like it was on fire, thrusting Serena-esque cleavage at Dan ... then breathlessly moaning for him to CALL HER SERENA!

Dan, understandably, backed off at that point.

While this would have been a top five Gossip Girl sex scene (maybe it even still counts, given some of the camera angles), Dan did the right thing coming to his sense there. The question is what happens next week when Charlie becomes even more unhinged.

Vanessa is coming to the rescue there, at least! Appearing out of nowhere and guaranteeing herself at least a 9 on this week's Gossip Girl Round Table, she and Serena called truce so they could share notes on Rufus and Charlie and her meds for some reason.

The more I write about it, the more I enjoyed some of the vintage Gossip Girl elements of this episode. By no means was it one of the show's best, but it'll be interesting to see how next week plays out and what note Season Four goes out on.

What did you think of last night's Gossip Girl? Discuss!


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i cant wait for next week. i feel bad for the prince now though cause you know hes not going to be in the picture anymore weather its his choice or blairs. and if its his choice, she cant feel bad, she kept running to chuck (which doesnt bother me one bit anyway.) i loved the face of wtf on serena when charlie appeared in her dress. hehe crazy biotch! im kinda wondering now though after seeing the previews if maybe her and regina are in cahoots or if shes got something up her own sleeve. why else would michelle trachenburg sp? be showing up on the last epi of the season? doesnt she do this every year though? hmmmmm


I like Blair and Chuck just as much as the next Blair and Chuck admirer. That being said, I feel this crazy nostalgia for the boy and the girl in the back of the limo, when their biggest earth shattering problem is Nate finding out. Or Chuck scheming in a swimming pool with all the other kids. Or Blair worrying about Kati and Iz going back to Serena. I understand the characters have moved on and grown up; I don't necessarily have to like what they've become. Chuck PHYSICALLY hurt Blair. Whether he meant to or not, whether she was scared or not, whether he would "never intentionally hurt Blair" does not matter at this point. His anger and rage got the best of him and Blair was caught in the crossfire. I don't know where the writers are going to go with this one, because it's going to take me a whole lot more than one grand gesture to be able to trust Chuck. NEVER have I ever shipped Dan with Blair. I feel like they are better friends, and I believe that Dan and Serena are endgame. However, right now, I feel that Dan is the only guy that deserves Blair. He hasn't pulled the stuff than Chuck has, or blamed her for Chuck hurting her like Louis, or cheated on her like Nate. Blair deserves to be with someone that loves her and will take care of her. And right now, I feel that Dan might be the only one who could do that. Or Rufus, but you know. So thanks, writers. Hope you know how to talk yourself out of this one.


And the return to the norm has began. Chuck wil obvious save blair, because they want to redeem him w|out redeeming him. And there goes Chuck's grand gesture for the season. Dan and Blair, please that was three episodes ago. If they are still giving you hope, then you are a really hopeful person. I bet there's just look at each other the next episode. if they are unoriginal enough, they can steal the bipolar storyline from 90210 revamp it and sell it GG style for Charlie. But they can't be THAT unoriginal can they? Serena will once again, figure out she wants DAN and that was the real reason she was a raging bitch afew episodes before. Wow how... similar. Haven't we seen this before? Eric will be neglected again. Vanessa and Serena construct an unholy alliance to bring down Charlie. Because someone has to scheme about something it GG. Nate might be relegate to pretty prop for most of the episode as well as Dan, only to be utilized in Chuck's dramatic saving of Blair, because every 'hero'(even if he's more anti hero than anything). Jack Bass, how many call he'll stab everyone in the back in the end? Jackass and Chuckles alliance wasn't meant to be permanent. that's all i got for now. 4x22 will be watched to see if my predictions come to fruition.


I'm guessing Charlie is having a Bipolar Disorder? Kind of, some behaviors are there but that's only my theory. But she's a hella crazy girl last night. Good deed Dan backed off. Did he ever realize that he needed to do that or having a second thought of Blair? (I dreamingly hope so. XD) The only thing that made my night was freaking Jack Bass and Cyrus. They're all the best. I looooove them. I admit I didn't expect that coming from Jack Bass because I always see him on the dark side and now to goody. *claps* Way to go for the writers.


A couple of things-- Great episode, first off :) Charlie--bipolar, anyone? She might just have gotten a refill on her pills, but that doesn't means she's been taking them since she arrived on the UES. That would explain why her mania appears to manifest itself in next week's episode. It wouldn't happen after just missing one dose, though. Dan and Charlie: wtf? Makes NO sense at all, unless he's just thinking with his small head--but that's just not Dan, is it? Whatever it was, it's over for him--but not for Charlie. Beware, Danny boy... Chuck, Blair, abuse--or not. I think that even long-term couples have had moments they'd like to take back, like someone punching their fist into the wall. It might have only happened once but--it happened. In this case, it was glass, and a splinter sliced Blair's cheek. Intentional? No. Abusive? Not really. Anger management training needed--possibly. If Chuck were a real person, think about his state of mind, at that time, fueled by drink/drugs, no less. He made a most definite mistake but, it doesn't appear he was in control of himself, in any way, shape or form. Maybe the writers are trying to tell us that the beauty of the relationship between Chuck and Blair is they don't have to explain such things--they both understand because the capacity to do these things is inside both of them? I dunno... Jack Bass: please, someone do something about that awful wig and do bring him back as a semi-regular, next season. Desmond is terrific ! Thorpes: If Blair is at the site of Chuck’s new hotel—for starters, how does she get to the roof? Construction sites are usually locked and guarded, are they not? At any rate, that site is in Brooklyn—who else might be in Brooklyn, sooner than anyone else? Dan? Maybe he rescues her? Blair told Charlie to tell the Prince that Chuck needed her—I’d say that the Prince is toast, after this, but maybe he sees Chuck at the party, and they both blurt out, ‘Where’s Blair?’…then the posse is rounded up in their limos, and off they go to save Blair. GG GPS tracking helps, maybe? Blair has her phone, doesn’t she?? They might see her blip AND Thorpe’s blip in the same spot, realize DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, and go off to the rescue.

Van ayson

I agree with some comments here that was abuse and the writers must very careful with this issue cause they might be sending the wrong message. Team Blouis!!! Even if the engagement is way way fast.


Jack Bass ROCKED the GG world! How funny was he!l? I needed more Chuck and Blair! Maybe next week something friggin' awesome will happen. Quit letting e down there GG! When will Serena get a decent story? Girl needs something. I don't care about Dan - what a useless character and I hope that Charilie girl messes with his ass. Maybe that will make him have a pulse.


Please say Chuck will save Blair??!!! Please! Russell is crazy, just crazy! I can't believe he;s going after Blair, although if Chuck saves her and starts making his way to being a better man then I'll take it!


I don't know how I feel about Crazy Charlie being a permanent addition to the cast (what, was Michelle Trachtenberg unavailable?) but she was entertaining last night. I knew she was going to Single White Female Serena. Can't believe Dan almost fell for it but of course, he is male and thinks with his um...littler male. Chuck and Blair...um, ok, what? Part of me really wants to love them again but if they are going to just pretend like last week never happened...NO. Don't want it, won't believe it. My theory is that Chuck, maybe with the rest of the crew, rescues Blair, then he has some half assed speech about how sorry he is and nobly *cue eye roll* lets her go. Then she spends the summer with her prince only to be broken up by the season premiere. Then it's game on for CHAIR and DAIR all of next season. I really freaking miss DAIR. It's become clear they were only supposed to be a temporary diversion, unless there's something amazing in the finale, but perhaps the writers did not realize how fast they would catch on? And next season this will be rectified? I hope, I hope, I hope... BAHAHAHA Jack Bass. Oh I want to hate him. He deserves to be hated, after almost raping Lily and trying to buy Blair. But Desmond is freaking hilarious. Why can't he be the new cast member? In fact, hook him up with Crazy Charlie and I'll be glued to the tv screen every week, popcorn in hand.


This weeks's episode was pretty good but I'm over Chair. I don't care what anybody says, what Chuck did to Blair was portrayed to look like abuse. Now of course Schwartz is saying it wasn't and that the actors know whats going on in their characters head so its ok. Sorry but that's crap. The fact that Blair could still want to be with him after that is ridiculous. Chuck seems to think of Blair as property, hence the "You belong to me" comment. It sends the wrong message. If GG is going to send the message that abouse, of any kind is ok, I'm not going to continue watching. I've lived it. I don't need to see it on tv.

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Chuck: So I thought I'd bring some luxury across the river. Brooklyn needs it. It's all bars, bakeries and babies. No hotel in sight. Charles Place. You up to attend the ribbon cutting?
Nate: No thanks.
Chuck: Still pissed I lied to Reina about my father?
Nate: It was a big lie. Even for you.
Chuck: That's why I'm stepping out from under his dark shadow and away from the Bass name.
Nate: Whatever you want to call yourself or your hotel, you're still the same person.

Good morning, Sleepyheads. Looks like "dream until your dreams come true" wasn't such a good idea after all.

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