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Chuck broke my heart in his brief scene with Blair. He genuinely has no idea how to even begin to handle her engagement to Louis. I really believe that Chuck will show how much he loves Blair in 4.22. Team Dark Knight FTW!


Great episode! Exciting, fast-paced, dramatic and full of twists and turns. Glad that the Thorpe storyline finally got interesting (although Raina didn't). Can't wait to see how Chuck saves Blair next week!


Oh God I'm getting sick of all this abuse crap. It was never their intention for Chuck to be abusive. GG never sent a good message and if you think it's sending a bad message to teenage girls, it always has, sex, lies, drugs, drinking. If anyone is offended then they shouldn't watch if they don't like it and make sure their child doesn't watch. I've watched GG since I was a teen and in no time did I ever see the glamorization of it all and want to go do it myself or allow it in my life. You all dont give teens enough credit. Also Jack tried to abuse Lily, rape her in the bathroom and it didn't get the upheaval and people still like his character.

As for glossing it over Chuck and Blair didn't even get a chance to talk and yes Chuck was smug, then he sobered and was going to go and apologize, "You don't know what I've been going through since that night" or something like that but Blair left, I'm not blaming her for leaving, they need to be apart until he can deal with his own issues and she deserves happiness. I just think the writers didn't want to get into the apology there, it's probably going to be in the season finale. Chuck is probably going to save Blair, apologize for everything, see how his association with her almost cost her her life and it'll scare him badly so he'll tell her how horrible he feels about it, because he does, then let her go and be happy.

I for one loved the episode, it fast and fun with snarky and great lines like vintage GG.


@ zoey: no one is saying! Blair stay away from Chuck. But they need to show that Chuck is regretting that move, that he is sorry. They need to show that he did a wrong thing and not smthg that requires no explanation.

I dont care if they end up married next episode dont sweep the abuse issue under the rug. If you showed it you gotta deal with it


3.5 Really???? This was a great episode.Not the best but a very strong one. I think it deserve a little more rating.


Dan and charlie wtf,they are realy a no no for me,i need a more dan and serena moment hey


Antipsychotics speaking, missing one dose can increase the likelihood of a relapse or hospitalization, that is how quick this could happen. So yeah, even if Charlie missed only one dose, it can easily make her lose her senses.

-Favorite part of the episode: by far Jack taking Chuck's side FOR ONCE.

-Least favorite part of the episode: Nate being the wiped boyfriend that he is and telling everything to Raina. The guy needs to grow a pair and stop being manipulated in every of his relationship.

-Funniest part of the episode: "Call me Serena". LMFAO. How sad.


I think it was one of the best episodes ever!
I enev enjoyed Dan's time on the screen!


I loved this episode. The Jack twist was amazing, he was hilarious and I loved how he knows CB are meant to be! I'm disappointed in Dan for believing Charlie over Serena..he's known Charlie for two weeks and Serena how long? I feel bad for Serena she didn't deserve that. Dan liked her best friend, and then immediately after began liking her cousin. Cyrus and Louis' mom were adorable! :) Chuck's going to let Blair go because he wants her to be happy. He's putting her needs first.


u guys are all crazy! u're saying that teenage girls watch this show and its sending the wrong message about abuse blah blah blah.. first of all, GG has NEVER sent a good message.. its all about sex, drugs, bullying (yes blair used to bully ppl which is almost as bad as abuse), blackmail.. nothing good has ever come out of GG.. so, now i'm starting to find this hilarious that ppl are coming on here and basically everywhere and crying abuse all over the place.. no one had a problem with chuck almost raping jenny and serena in the pilot but now he just touches blair, and now everyone is like omg blair, stay away from chuck! like honestly, WTF?

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