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I was thinking about how Blair said that Chuck only sees her dark side, not the rest of her and she was unsure if Louis can handle her dark side. It seems like she wants someone who sees her, the good and the bad. I think Dan actually sees her. He knows her good points, he even voiced them to Chuck, but is completely aware of her scheming and her other issues, but still likes her. So, maybe Dan is the best guy for her, I'm interested to see if she realizes that.

I loved the scene where Serena sees Charlie in her dress. I thought it was kind of strange for her to look at Charlie and tell her to "take it off". I mean, they were at an event, not her bedroom! I found that to be really funny.

I am sad that Jenny and Vanessa are fired as regulars, but I hope that they will have the option to come back once in a while as guests. I never hated Vanessa, and really honestly don't understand why so many people hate her???

I totally saw Thorpe trapping Blair coming, I mean, he would obviously want revenge and Jack Bass told him that nothing messed with Chuck like losing Blair. I can't wait to see what happens next week!


OMG!!!! just shut up with all that shit, damn bitchees, "i cant believe blair goes back to chuck after all he has done to her!" stop crying, bitches, he didnt do anything worse than all the other NJBC members!!! serena killed a man, thats okay. blair bullied people so long until they were ready for psychiatry, remember jenny,totally falling apart the first two seasons, or rachel carr, or nelly yuki, she got them all out of her way. blair having sex with two guys at nearly the same time..but thats okay...nate cheating on his girlfriend and future-wife blair with her best friend, giving his best friend up for a girl so many times, hitting and threating his best friend, because he had sex with his EX-girlfriend, and forgetting he did that too...thats okay...but then chuck comes along, sells B for a hotel, that meant the world to him, it was the most important thing besides blair, after he lost both of his parents, nearly lost his fathers company and his uncle tried to sabotage and humiliate him, he breaks a window while he is drunk, and B has a little scratch on her face...then you start to hate him?!?! really?!?!?! dont say that the others did things that werent that bad, cause they were!!!!! stop excusing all the others!!!!!!!! chuck didnt do anything worse than nate, serena or blair...we all know...stop acting like bitches!!!!!


I still want DAIR!


finally some exiting stuff is back in GG...why do they wait till finale??

I love BASS Men..I LOVE them...and Jack was great....so interesting to see him good evilin this point ;) really unexpected...

Nate pretty tussie pls shut your mouth once :D next time just try to take her focus into your charm bb ;)

Go Charlie!!! we definitely need a crazy bitch here...tho I prefer Blair, its enteraining to see some one goes crazy around there...and this was is insane better than crazy ;)

Chuck fight for your woman man, fight as hell ;) you love each other cut the fight and make LOVE!! #teamdarkknight FTW!!!


It is so depressing that people love Blair and Chuck after all he has done to her.


Loved the episode! I love that Chuck is fighting for Blair! I hope he is the one to save her next week! Then they can go be Chair on chairs lol. I hope this is the start to his redemption.

Charlie is crazy but she reminds he of old school Georgina before they decided to only use her from comedy and no longer as a hard core psycho.


Why are all the crazy bitches wanting to emulate Serena. Charlie is such a psycho. I bet those meds are anti-psychotic drugs.
Why do they want her to be a regular next season. The show doesnt need another crazy bitch after Dan, we already have Georgina!

I would like all the guys running to save Blair - Louis, Dan, Nate, Chuck and Jack. I would love it if Serena worries about Blair but I bet she will be all about Charlie.

I want to see more of Eleanor and Cyrus! Love them to bits.


True love means never having to apologize for making your beloved bleed. Team Twilight FTW


Loved this episode! Best one since before the winter hiatus, IMO.

It was fast-paced, exciting, had twists that actually made sense but I didn't see coming. I loved Jack being on Chuck's side for once! And really, he was just fantastic in every scene. We need more Jack on this show.

Charlie going nuts off her meds was hilarious, it's like Dan is seriously lacking in crazy chick radar. First Georgie, now Charlie... the nutjobs really love him.

I'm excited for CB scenes in the finale, although I'm sad they probably won't reunite until S5... Chuck has a lot of things to work on then, so it's going to take time.


I'm surprised by how much I enjoyed this episode. It was fast-paced, had some great dialogue and was appropriately beyond the realm of reality.

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