Gossip Girl Caption Contest 156

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Welcome to the 156th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

This week's Caption Contest winner is Coriander. Congratulations!

The winning entry appears below. Honorable mentions go out to SHANA, Vesper and Nelly Yuki. Thanks to everyone for playing and best of luck again next week!

Now This is Awkward

Serena: ... and also I'm having terrible mood swings lately and eating nothing but pickles.
Georgina: Oh my God, you're pregnant!
Serena: But I haven't been with anyone lately... Why are you looking at the window?
Georgina: 2011 years ago, when the very same thing happened, one very bright star appeared on the sky.

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I'm going commando.


Why are we dressed like alien women on "Star Trek?"


Serena : Why am I wearing a Greek-like dress?
Georgina : If you're even wearing anything, it's an improvement.


Georgina: So, tell me about this new Charlie person
Serena: Oh, we've been spending time together and I had so much fun! we traveled to Paris, once, we went to some club and we got drunk, you know, weed and everything till we drop! kept saying "WINNING!" while running around the club, afterwards. hahaha. I know, right! He's such a positive person.
Georgina: .... Charlie Rhodes, Serena. Charlie RHODES.


S and G are having a staring contest


serena: OMG G i missed you Gerogina: S , you did? Serena: well yeah, the upper east side has been bording while u were gone, well beside the whole juliet thing Gerogina:juliet sharp? Serena:yeah, she drugged me, dressed up like me , kissed both dan and nate, try to break my friendship with blair , OMG tou should really get her number and join forces like she did with jenny, but know you two well make it better Gerogina: serena are u drunk? Serena: maybe shhhhhh dont tell anyone, im meant to be looking for charlie butt.....(past out) Gerogina: OMG what a mess , omg did i just do my work without trying LOL oh well, where's nate?


Serena: Oh, G. , do you know why everyone is saying 'congratulations Serena, who's the dad?' to me?
Georgina: Well, I put my pregnancy test from Milow in your bin..


Serena: I must be really bored. Hey Georgie, care for a drink?
Georgina: Don't feel bad, even I had better story line than you did, well everyone, this season....... I still feel bored.
Serena: We're going down! May be we should join little J., her rock tour seems more interesting.


serena: who are you supposed to be, medusa?


Serena: You've lost almost all of your pregnancy weight georgina...
Georgina: Well thanks, but with you wearing that dress can I assume you are expecting a little Nate or a little Dan...

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