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G:S this isnt Eat Pray Love


Georgina: Wow, Serena...I've been gone so long, you've really changed.
Serena: I know right, I'm actually going to be alone for once, I'm finally getting a job and doing something with my life-
Georgina: I was talking about you wearing more than one metre of fabric. And I see the twins are away for the night.


Georgina: What have you come as A Grecian Goddess ??
Serena: And what have you come as ... Medusa ?


Serena : Georgina ... I thought we sent you to Bielorussia. Where did you find that dress ?
Georgina : Oh, Serena ...


Serena: I'm failing to portray the Queen of the Nile.
Georgina: I'm already Medusa....


Serena: hi G, what are u doing in those table cloth?
Georgina: I was about to ask the same.

Gossip Girl: poor S & G, look like they had an endless battle of worst dress, i will leave it to joan rivers to decide.


Gossip Girl:Ah Oh uppereast side it's staring battle between G & S, I wonder who will win?..........To bad we'll never find out snice nither will blink, because thier made out of wax.


Serena : Get out of my way or I'll make that dress worse than it already is.
Georgina : Come on, Serena, let me help! Please! I'm sure I can be useful.
Serena : Fine, I have a mission for you.
Georgina : Yay!
Serena : You have to move to Barcelona and ruin Vanessa's life.
Georgina : But I don't wanna go to Spain!
Serena : Fine, then you can not be a part of the plan.
Georgina : Fine, I'll go.
Serena (thinking) : Got rid off two for the price of one, and now that Jenny, Raina and Russel are out of the picture, all we need to do now is get a good storyline for... well, everyone.


I see you didn't get the memo.


Serena: No, G, not a staring contest! You know I've always sucked at keeping my eyes open!!
Georgina: Mwahahaahaaa
Serena: Noooooooooo!!!!

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