Game of Thrones Round Table: "Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things"

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Wow, things are picking up quickly on Game of Thrones!  With the Hand's tournament already underway and ending the episode with Catelyn capturing Tyrion, there's plenty to discuss from last night's episode.

After you're done reading Carissa's official review, come re-join her and the rest of our Round Table panelists as we analyze the episode below:

1. Favorite Game of Thrones quote from the episode?

Carissa P: Arya: "Can I be lord of a holdfast?" Ned: "You will marry a high lord, and rule his castle. Your sons shall be knights, and princes and lords." Arya: "No. That's not me."

Dan F: Sam: "I'm not going to get any better ya know?" Jon: " can't get any worse."

Jim G: "I am a Khaleesi of the Dothraki. I am the wife of the great Kahl and I carry his son inside me. The next time you raise a hand to me will be the last time you have hands."  One of the things you lose from book to TV is the slower growth of the characters. This line did a great job of showing just how much Daeny has grown since Episode 1 where she meekly let her brother do what he wanted to her.  -- LOVED IT!

Eric H: Since my favorite halfman is totally under-represented by my colleagues, I'll pick just one of the many great Tyrion Lannister quotes from the episode, "Then I'm not a dwarf. My father will be rejoiced to hear it."

Game of Thrones RT - depreciated -

2. Let's discuss new casting as usual!  This week?   Hodor, Sam, Robert's Bastard (Gendry), the Mountain (Gregor), and Bronn.

Carissa P: My favorite was Hodor. They picked an absolute perfect fit for him. Exactly as I imagined and even his voice is perfection. Also really psyched to see Gendry, as I loved the first two series of Skins. (Thanks Casey for telling me where I'd seen him before!). I cannot wait to see more of him!

Jim G: I have to disagree with Carissa, Hodor didn't look exactly right. He is described as big, brawny and very simple (remember the only word he can say is his name). Anyone who has grown a beard knows how much work and attention it is to keep one looking trimmed. Hodor's was *way* to shaped and maintained for a simpleton. I agree they go the size right, but he should have had a wild beard or no beard.

Dan F: I'm so jealous that you all immediately know exactly who these people are.  I, on the other hand, have to go look them all up.  At first glance I couldn't tell you who Hodor or Bronn are, so I guess they didn't make as much of an impact on me.  I sure do love Sam though!

Eric H: Don't worry, Jim, I'm on your side here.  Hodor also seemed too old as well.  I didn't like Sam at first glace, but he grew on me to be a perfect choice by the end of the episode.  Now as far as the Gergor goes, I wanted BIGGER.  I wanted to see that horse trembling from his weight.  But I'll still have to reserve judgment until we see some more of these characters.

3. Scene additions!  Anything you want to comment on the new scenes between Tyrion introducing us to Theon's backstory, Cersei and Ned exchanging trailer-worthy lines, Jaime and Jory outside Robert's orgy, Sam and Jon cleaning, and, of course, the creepiness that was Viserys and Doreah?

Carissa P: The Tyrion scene made me really dislike Theon. I enjoyed Cersei and Ned throwing the gauntlet. They've both been trained to kill their enemies. That can't turn out good. Honestly, in the book, I always though Viserys was borderline homosexual, and was having sex only with Daenerys, so pretty much everything about his character has been odd and creepy to me. I loved the scene with Jon and Sam. Jon is a virgin. Oh how that hurts. And yet, it makes perfect sense. He's so noble.

Dan F: These were all additions for me, but my favorites was Jaime and Jory.  It doesn't get much better than the cocky Lannister replying to "They like their bloodshed" with "They stopped liking it at the end."

Jim G: FINALLY, we got to hear Theon's name! I think all the scenes did a great job of filling in information that would have taken chapters to get in the book. I really liked Theon/Tyrion as we got a lot of needed info on the Greyjoys.

Eric H: I was definitely a big fan of the Tryion / Theon discussion, bringing Grejoy backstory that I don't remember seeing anywhere in book one.  The Jaime and Jory scene just made me sad..

4. The dire wolves were back this week!  Any other complaints from you bunch of whining book readers?

Carissa P: Yes, although they made brief appearances, it was not nearly enough. They need to step up the pace on just how important the union of the Starks and their living Sigil really is.

Jim G: Agree with Carissa, need *more* wolves.. But, I was a happy book reader to see Greymist sitting at Robs feet when Tyrion visited.

Dan F: These wolves must have been a major component in the books, because I've loved them as a quick pop in every once and again.  Jon Snow using his for intimidation was fantastic.

Eric H: Geesh, Carissa and Jim.  There is no pleasing you two.  Now that I feel like whining too, I wish they would have let the Hound tell his backstory to Sansa like in the books.  It was the first time I started to like Sandor Clegane.

5. Let's play the "Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things" game.  We know who the cripple and bastards were, what are the broken things from the episode?

Dan F: Aren't so many of these characters broken in one way or another?

Carissa P:  I think Bran can be considered broken, since he wasn't born crippled. Cersei and Jaime are broken in their understanding of love. Robert is broken because he lost his one true love. All of the Wall recruits are broken in one way or another. Even the direwolves family is broken because Lady was killed. I think George R R Martin writes very well about broken things.

Jim G: Some relationships:  Clearly Ned and Robert are not close as Ned had thought given the tournament still happened.  Daeny and her brother are clearly broken given she admitted she knew he would never take the 7 kingdoms and she didn't want him on the throne anyway.

Eric H:Gonna go with Viserys.  Period.  Unless it has to be one of those broken things that have a special place in Tyrion's heart.  Then maybe Joffrey? 

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