Friday Night Lights Review: "Keep Looking"

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What do you do when your teenage son is acting up? Ship his ass off to visit his father in West Texas, that's what!! In "Keep Looking" we're re-introduced to Buddy Jr., who last time we saw him was more interested in video games than Tami Taylor's rack.

Right off the bat you can tell things were going to be rocky with little Buddy.

Buddy and Junior Picture

First he insults his father, then breaks into his bar and gets drunk, and tops it all off by stealing Buddy's credit card and car. While Eric and Buddy drive around town searching for Buddy Jr., Buddy laments to Eric that he doesn't know how to get his son in line.

So what is the solution to almost every problem in Dillon? Football.

By the end of the episode Buddy Jr. is on the East Dillon Lions and using phrases such as "Yes sir." While I was poking a little fun at the fact that football is the answer to everything in Dillon, I think that being on a team will be great for Buddy Jr. It'll get him interacting with the other kids, learning some respect for his elders, and get some good old fashioned physical activity.

Seems like a positive addition to me.

Vince is still hating the addition of Jess to the team. The guys are constantly teasing her and being gross and Vince is defensive. He has to realize that Jess is a big girl who can not only roll with the punches but also hold her own against a team of raunchy guys. She lobs insults back that are better and funnier than the ones the guys come up with. I've never worried much about Jess.

Vince, on the other hand, still has a lot of frustration about his father returning to town, something that hasn't been made easier by Ornette visiting him at practice. Poor kid doesn't even want to introduce Coach to him.

It's hard for some of the characters on FNL to welcome people into their lives, but this week we saw a whole new side to Mindy Riggins.

As much as she was resentful when Becky first moved in with them, Mindy was completely protective of her when she saw what a horrible situation she would be moving back into. I felt so bad for Becky and was so proud to see Mindy's mama bear side come out.

What made me the most emotional, however, was when the camera panned over the picture of Tim in his Panther's uniform. Hopefully as a reminder that we will someday be reunited with my dear Taylor Kitsch.

The episode closed on a perfect note with Luke taking the boys to visit TMU. However, once we saw Vince enter the Head Coach's office alone, it was a sign of conflict ahead. Then again there's always drama when it comes to recruiting.


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Leigh r

Julie Taylor did look smokin when she went to the (loser) TA's door. Forgot to note that!

C f ohara

Buddy Jr. is going to be a full back I feel and will be blowing up linebackers and clearing the way for Luke. I liked his reaction when Buddy said "because I'm your father!" And I can't believe it took all these years for someone to comment on Tami's "rack." I guess there's no sense in holding back here in the last season right? Loved Vince trying to relate to Eric when he said how the women were getting out of hand. Eric immediately tells him to get the hell out of his office. Eric's calf high socks looked sharp as ever. His teasing Tami about the answers being in the back of the math book was classic Taylor family banter. I like when they show the romantic side of their relationship too like when Eric was upset about his better half having to chaperone the party and having to cancel on their "own little party." Leigh spot on about the picture of Tim. Got me misty eyed as well. Other things I liked were the 100% Boy tee shirt on Baby Riggins, Mindy furiously working out and then lamenting over getting offered a day shift. The wind blowing through Julie's hair when she went back to the T.A.'s apartment. Eric's forlorn look as he glanced at the family photo while Tami tried to call her at school. Vince delivered the REAL again this week when he called out his dad and asked him if he knew his birthday. Also the scene where he made his dad promise to never let his mom touch heroine again was a tear jerker. Dirty trick by the TMU coaches. The stadium also said Texas State which was a flub I think. Good for Luke though telling Becks he's coming for her, even if she is still pining away for Tim. Pretty decent episode though, all in all, especially for a bye week. C.E.F.H.C.L. "Macho Cheese Mo"


I'm interested to see where the Buddy Jr character goes. I think the Garrity kids have always been an interesting addition to the show, especially in their interactions with Buddy.

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