Exclusive: Zach Roerig Discusses Matt's Love For Caroline, Survival Odds on The Vampire Diaries

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During my visit to The Vampire Diaries set in Atlanta, I missed the opportunity to talk to Zach Roerig. Allow me to make it up to you now by providing this interview!

Speaking exclusively with TV Fanatic this week, Zach talked about Matt’s love for Caroline, his potential interest in her mother (and Tyler’s!), and if Matt will survive.

Be warned: Zach has some crazy ideas for his character ...

Why is Matt complying with the sheriff when he knows Caroline would never hurt him?

I’m not sure if he knows Caroline would never hurt him. Matt’s ultimate instinct is to do the right thing and in that instance, the right thing was a very cloudy thing.

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Whether to be against the vampires and the woman that he loves, or to be on the “obvious” good side. There was an inner struggle there. Complying was his attempt to do the right thing.

Does Matt stop to think that all even though of this supernatural activity been going on, he’s essentially been protected?

Well I didn’t think his first reaction would be to strike a vampire. He loves Caroline and now that he finds out Elena is involved with him he’s got to trust

The new Matt has some edge. Is it more fun to play someone who’s in the know?

I want to play a darker Matt! I think he should be the creepy guy with a trench coat in the shadows who’s the town watchman with his weapon. It was going to have to happen to keep Matt’s character growing on the show.

If Caroline and Matt don’t make it, who would be Matt’s next love interest?

I don’t know if Matt would have a love interest, he’d need to take some time to heal. If anyone, perhaps Sheriff Forbes. Then he could become a deputy! He appreciates her assertiveness. She’s a strong woman. Or Tyler’s mom!

Twitter question: Will Matt eventually move in with Tyler?

Well I don’t have a Magic 8 ball, but I bet it would say no. [laughs] I think Matt and Tyler’s relationship will always exist but it will always be one that’s kind of a struggle. They would never live together.

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Is Matt more afraid of the vampires or the werewolves?

At this point I don’t think Matt is quite aware of his fear, or where to place it because it’s just so out of this world. He now understands what a werewolf and a vampire actually are. It’s hard to be afraid when you don’t understand how much danger you’re truly in.

Will Matt survive this season?

I think Matt will survive the season, but I’m not sure if he will be able to stick around. He won’t be able to handle his entire world falling apart; he’ll need to regroup elsewhere. Like a cave in Guatemala.

I think what should happen is Matt should go somewhere and regroup and totally figure out where he wants to stand in this world of vampires, werewolves and witches and in that time perhaps Jeremy and Alaric can form some kind of alliance in the town and become protectors. They could then go search for Matt and find him somewhere, take him back to Mystic Falls, and the three of them become the three stooges of Mystic Falls. Just kidding, that would be funny though.

Would you describe the finale as more of an OMG or an OMFG?

I would describe it as a tornado meeting a hurricane. The outcome of that would be our season finale.

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