Exclusive: Jessica Szohr on Bidding Farewell to Gossip Girl ... For Now

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TV Fanatic was fortunate enough to speak exclusively with Jessica Szohr yesterday. The actress talked about the Gossip Girl season finale, her final episode as a series regular.

What began as a six-episode arc on the show turned into a great four-year run for Szohr, but she admits the time was right for her - and the character - to move on.

At least for now. It's Gossip Girl, after all. The door is always open!

The Wisconsin native also talked to TVF about a few films she has in the works, her fashion campaign with Dove, how she got into acting and her love of the Green Bay Packers.

She rocks. Watch our interview with Jessica here:

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The Vanessa Character was a total troll!!!! Glad she's gone from the show!


What a fail interview. The questions were boring. And its so obvious that she must know all the shit she gets from being on the show. And the horrible things they say about her on this site. Can someone tell me if the guy who was interviewing Gossip Guy? Seriously Gossip Guy has been the biggest supporter of get Vanessa out of this show...and now he's all like aww it so sad to see her go. Umm wasn't he the one that keeps complaining about Vanessa. GOD what a hypocrite. I feel for Jessica.


it was a long overdue goodbye. i couldnt stand vanessa. i wished they just stuck with the 6 episode arc and just kept her as a guest like connor paolo. a lot of mistakes were done by the writers that lead to this shows demise. i wish leighton and blake can also get out of this show.


Love Jessica Szohr! Vanessa not so much.....

La vritable rachel

Sorry for the way i express myself, my first language is French.

La vritable rachel

Vanessa used to be my favorite character.
They made us hate her last season, because of the stupid comments on TVfanatics like " she is so ugly, uh, kill her off"
You can see in the interview that she knew that TVfanatic was one hateful site.
If i was her i wouldve acted the same : Faked a smile and answer yeah to every yes or no questions.
I hope she has a great career without being a little more away from the show: she deserved better than the situation we have here.


Her character might suck on Gossip Girl. But, there's no denying that she's down to earth and beautiful...:)


congratulations for the elevated vocabulary, yeah


Jessica didn't mention her other movie Hirokin, I saw the preview for it and it looks good. She making great movie choices unlike some of her female co-stars.
I love Blake but Green Lantern looks horrible and superhero movies unless the chick is the lead does nothing for actresses.

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