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I'm sooo glad that this episode didn't do a full-on Star Wars spoof. Doing parodies of that franchise is now overdone (thank you, Family Guy). A few bits and pieces were good enough. I'll say that Abed's Han Solo routine was on the weak side, however.

And poor Annie. Her young impressionable heart always goes - temporarily - to someone who seems strong to her at some particular moment. I'm pretty sure the writers won't continue developing any romantic chemistry between Annie and Abed, especially since Abed admitted that his Han Solo character would only be in existence for that event, and Annie was clearly attracted to that Abed and not the real one.

I was surprised to see Jeff taken out of the game, but the cool Shirley / Britta team-up made up for that. Troy was fun to watch once again too. I like it when shows don't forget about their recurring characters, so by having so many in these past two episodes positively added to everything.

I also thought that Pierce winning was a nice touch, and it was made better when he wasn't selfish about it. I haven't read anything about Chevy Chase leaving the show, so the ending was most likely just a typical cliffhanger where they'll have some short arc early next season to resolve the situation and have Pierce back in the study group. For now, though, it was a satisfying ending for Pierce. After how bad his character went downhill throughout the season, it was good to see him slowly work his way back up to a better level.

Overall, it was a decent episode. Not as good as the first part, but a good season closer that got the job done to set up the Fall which I now can't wait for!


I don't think Chevy will leave, but It would be nice to have a new «student» on the show next season..


Chevy Chase is not leaving the show. If he were, it would have been announced months in advance so that the networks would know he was available for pilot season.


Seriously. Everyone gets this title wrong...Have none of your seen For a Few Dollars More? Seriously? I've seen this title quoted incorrectly like six times now.

While I will expand later, your review is way off base and this ep was far better than the disappointment of last week. Where's Jeff?

I agree The Star Wars thing didn't work, though. Funny to see Troy and Abed play C3P0 and R2 D2 in the opening, though.

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