Brothers & Sisters Season Finale Review: It's Never Too Late ...

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... to be what you might have been. - George Eliot

With the requisite pre-wedding chaos, twists and tear-jerking moments abound from endearing characters, Brothers & Sisters concluded its fifth season Sunday.

The amusingly-titled "Walker Down the Aisle" featured Tommy doing just that, returning to escort his big sister as she tied the knot for a second time with Luc.

There's a lot going on elsewhere on relationship fronts. Saul is worried about going to the next level with Jonathan, while Justin has strong feelings for Tyler.

Oh, and Kitty is pregnant with Seth’s baby. [crickets]

Sarah and Luc's Wedding

Before the wedding, Luc is thrown off when his mom, Gabriela, arrives without his dad, who he was expecting to see with his mother for the first time in, oh, decades.

Luc frets that something happened he's unaware of, while Paige's boyfriend is allowed at the reception but not the wedding, and Brody is persona non grata, period.

That all-encompassing ban doesn’t stop him from creeping, parking outside the church just to get a glimpse of Sarah on her big day. That is his daughter, after all.

Just before the ceremony, father and daughter meet and share a moment.

The necklace she’s wearing is the same one Brody gave to Nora. Sarah feels like she’s going to fall, but her dad promises to catch her if she does. Cue river of tears!

Brody fills in for Tommy to give away his daughter at the ceremony, and Sarah is once again a beautiful bride as she exchanges vows with Luc. It's pretty wonderful.

At the reception, Luc learns that his dad is broke.

Gabriela didn’t want to negatively impact the image her son’s always had of him, but now that she's come clean about that, Luc's image of her has improved greatly.

As the reception kicks into gear, the surprises keep coming. Namely that Kitty is actually excited about her pregnancy. Seth has some serious reservations, though.

Mainly he's worried about how it will affect Kitty and her health. The guy seems to really care about her. It will be interesting to see where this goes next season.

Meanwhile, Jonathan asks Saul to marry him and he agrees! Bad form to get engaged at someone else's wedding, but how can you not be happy for the guy?

Justin has a bit of a breakthrough with Tyler, who had been trying to keep her failed marriage a secret, but is now happy just to be with Justin. They're sweet.

After Kevin, Tommy, Saul, Scotty and Cooper join Luc on an impromptu rendition of “Baby, I Need Your Lovin’”, Sarah is stunned when her sister shows up.

Her half-sister Lori Lynn, as in Brody’s other daughter. Awkward!

Still, it seems Sarah has come to grips with the changes in her life and is embracing them come what may. Just look at the way she and Brody danced together.

In a poignant ending, Nora closes out the night with a voiceover laced with reflection upon the past and a look ahead to the brighter days just in front of us.

Not surprisingly, this seemed constructed to potentially close out the whole series, should ABC not bring it back, while also leaving open options for next year.

What did you think of the Brothers & Sisters season finale, and the fifth season as a whole? Do you want to see it come back in the fall? Discuss below.


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I am so dissappointed.. this was one of my favs and stayed up late to see it every week.. there was such a great family line with lots of ups and down. I am so tired of reality crap.. You really need to rethink what we would like to see versa all the reality.. I will be watching less TV


Very disappointed and shocked that Brothers and Sisters is cancelled! Too bad the public doesn't have a say in the continuation of the programs we enjoy...


You have to be kidding me!!!!!! Why in the WORLD would Brothers and Sisters be cancelled????? Of course we all loved the show!!!! and what a time to cut us off!!!! I saw that Deparate Housewives was starting again and did not see Brothers and Sisters and any upcoming schedule!!!! CBS ... get real! Let some of us enjoy a good show ... put your Dirty Soap on a different nite ... why pick a Sunday for a show like that anyways ... so dissapointed in you. Marg


I do think it is very sad and unsettling that a network would build up a show for so long with such intense story lines, get people hooked, then leave them hanging with no ending to what some of us have watched and grown with since the very first episode. I think it is very poor judgment on the networks behalf.


Really?? Your're keeping "Castle" and doing away with "Brothers and Sisters"? After "Desperate Housewives" ends, I don't see any reason to tune in to ABC!


I can not believe that ABC has cancelled Brothers and Sisters!!! You have made a very big mistake. You finally get a show that is worth watching and leave us hanging. I will not be watching ABC this fall because all your shows for the fall line-up look like crap. I hope you have the common sense to bring back the show that everyone is waiting and wanting to see.


I just heard that this show has been cancelled !!! What a terrible choice you have made is the only show I look forward to every week, actually the only show I watch, period. TV has just been getting worse and worse.reality TV is so yucky ( change the first y to s ) I believe Brothers and Sister was a show that many people could relate to... it was so entertaining. I resent you ABC for taking my show away...


i am devistated that this show is cancelled. i am an only cild with no family exept my kds who are busy with their own family. i lost my husband four years ago and i was feeling ver alone until......... Brothers and sisters,,,,,,,, i felt like I had a big family with lots of things going on and I couldn't wait until the next week, Cancelled I can't believe it! terrible choice ABC. how could you do this.




Hi there, I live in South Africa, and we have so much rubbish in TV. This was the one show that I really enjoyed. Please do not take it off the air. The Walker's are a real family not like the Bold & Beautiful and Days of our Lives nonsense. This is a quality show. One show I never miss.

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