Brothers & Sisters Review: "For Better or For Worse"

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The Walkers confronted their latest paternity/maternity scandals last night in "For Better or For Worse," with the requisite twists, turns and emotional turmoil.

Sarah made it quite clear that she doesn't want her real father, Brody, in her life. Or Nora's. This puts Sarah's widowed mother in a difficult situation, clearly.

We flash back to decades earlier, when Nora faced another difficult Brody situation. She broke the news to him that William Walker asked her to marry him.

She and Brody had powerful feelings for one another even then.

Justin Conversation

Meanwhile, the life of Justin Walker may not involve questions of paternity, but it is getting more and more complicated as he receives a blast from the past as well.

Remember Tyler? The girl he fell out of the treehouse with naked? 

That was classic. Anyway, she just happens to work at the hotel where Sarah and Luc are getting married. What are the odds. After Justin apologizes for how things ended, the two agree to meet up after Luc’s bachelor party later.

No way that could become a problem ...

Naturally, Sarah and Kitty, who makes a rare appearance this week, make plans to crash the bachelor party. Right. Because that happens. We'll give Sarah a pass, though.

She's reeling from all the Brody drama, even wondering if her mom would choose a guy over her. Not a question a mother of five typically gets from her grown daughter.

Time for another flashback, this one to the day Sarah was born, when William convinced Brody that Sarah would be better off with him as her dad and Brody walked away.

That was awfully calculated, but clearly it helped keep the secret for 35-plus years.

Luc’s cousins are living it up at the bachelor party but the Walkers are way too worried about their kids, their fiance, their ex-fling, etc. Put down the phones, you guys!

Soon they have a real crisis to respond to, when Olivia runs back to the group home, upset that Kevin and Scotty jumped right into dad duty with Michelle's baby Daniel.

Having felt like an outsider for so long, she now feels like one again, unwanted in her own home. The guys convince her that she's wanted and needed more than ever.

Back at the hotel, Tyler is waiting for Justin ... and waiting to tell him a secret. No love child this time (you honestly never know on this show). But she’s separated.

Married, but separated. Tyler barely speaks to her husband. She shares a kiss with Justin and you can't help but wonder whether this is the good break she covets.

As the episode concludes, Sarah decides to talk it out with Nora, which may have gone better had she not found her asleep in Brody's arms. That's gonna be awkward ...

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I am Really Confused now when Nora & William & Brody when they were all young When Brody Said Bill


I can not believe they canceled brothers and sisters. It is the only show I watch. What will I watch now. It is such a great show!!!!! Hate all that reality stuff


I really felt like that episode was a Series finale instead of a season finale.


the season finale did not have a cliffhanger and we were wondering if this show is returning in the Fall.........


Can anyone tell me what Brody told Nora about the day Sarah was born. our programing was interrupted with the special report. I cant find it on line because it will not show us because we are in Canada.


Who played the young Nora? She looks so much like Sally Field.


so if Sarah found her Mom asleep in Brody's arms how did she get there?


What did Brody say????


I was so upset about not seeing the last fifteen minutes Here in Canada we can not even get it on online. Is the show going to be a rerun and if so when? I agree Sarah is such a baby grow up


Don't blame the network. The Obama administration first announced that they were going to make the announcement at 10:30 EST, which would have been right in the middle of the episode. The last word the networks had was that it was to be at 10:45. Then the administration stalled until 11:30. That isn't the network's fault.

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