Who Will Die on Castle? 04/08/2011

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The Grim Reaper won't just be visiting Mystic Falls this spring.

An ABC insider tells Michael Ausiello that a key character will die on the Castle season finale next month. Who will it be? The TV columnist simply reports the character is "someone who’s been with the series since the beginning."

We can also confirm the title of this game-changing episode: "Knockout." Let the guessing games begin!

Dead Lottery Winner

If the writers planned for this then anyone is game. But if an actor needs to leave the show for personal reasons and it was unexpected then they would have to write them off. If you look at the show who would have to be killed off and not be able to just move or something. If it was Alexis they wouldnt have to kill her it would be more likely that she went to college early, Castle's mother once again no need to kill her off. But if you look at Ryan, Esposito, Lanie, and the Captain they would never just leave. They are all way to close so the best way would be to kill them off. Lanie is one of my favbs so i hope its not her but i would be just as upset if it was either Ryan or Esposito. So I've got my fingers crossed for the captain.
Now if the writer planned for this then that means it could be anyone, and if thats the case i hope its either Castle's mother or again the captain.


Its got to be Laney!Marlowe doesnt put her in many scenes. With her demise bring in Dana Delany. She can cross over from Body of Proof.She is a m.e.there!


WHY?? WHY are they doing this?? I'm tired of shows killing off a main character to keep things *fresh*. It better be a fringe character because if it isn't, it will really be hard to watch after......

Rich carlton

I think Frederick may be on the right track here. I have always wondered what Beckett would do if Castle were seriously injured. They have been in many life and death situations and Castle, while very intelligent is usually unarmed and always vulnerable. We are teased by Susan Sullivan that the show is about love and loss. Considering the show is called Knockout and I assume its about Beckett's mother, its not too far fetched that Castle could take a bullet. While this would be quite dramatic, it could be the deciding moment for Beckett. And let's not forget the Boom episode where Beckett's apartment blows up. I really don't think a main character will die, unless the actor has asked to be cut for career reasons.


I also think Montgomery or Martha but Montgomery is like a father to Beckett and Martha is Castle's mother who shows that she loves him and how much she accepts Beckett, but why coudn't it be Castle? I'll tell you why it should be good.First, Castle might get shot and while he's in the hospital Beckett decides to break her own walls she kept on building again and again and eventually telling Castle when he recovers what her heart wants cuz the heart wants what the heart wants(I heard from sombody that they confess to each other in season 3!!)and it would be a good begin for season 4.


My guess list:
Jenny(Ryan's fiance), Josh(Beckett's BF), Lanie, Gina, Meredith or Dr Perlmutter. All of these are fringe characters to the show, and are all suspect. Removing Montgomery, Esposito, Ryan, Alexis, Martha OR Beckett's father would be too game changing and make the show too dark. Love this show!


I'm guessing Captain Montgomery (as much as I love him). Obviously it won't be Castle or Beckett. They've put too much into Ryan & Esposito and I don't see it being Lanie. Killing Martha or Alexis would change Castle's character severely. This show just isn't that dark. Gina or Meredith are the only other characters from season one. I honestly don't see the point in killing off either one. Perlmutter and Jim Beckett didn't show up until season 2. Losing Montgomery would affect the characters and possibly push Castle and Beckett closer together. Plus they'd bring in a new Captain (I don't see Beckett replacing him as it would take her out of the field.) and how the new Captain reacts to Castle could bring about changes and might give us some funny moments in the future. I'd hate to see Ruben Santiago Hudson go but unless the writers have something totally creative that I'm not seeing, he's my pick.


I Think It will be Martha. And Kate will step right in to comfort Castle. Something she hasn't really had to do yet. If it was the captain I don't think Kate would take his job, maybe have it offered to her, but she wouldn't give up her field work.

Doe rae me

The picture included in this article shows Castle, Beckette, Esposito, and Laney. It is safe to assume that neither Castle or Beckette will die, so lets assume it will be either Esposito or Laney. Their demise would effect the whole cast, but since it is known that Esposito and Laney are a couple,the impact the death of either of these characters would effect the other deeply; so deeply, in fact, as to force Castle and Beckette to finally admit their feelings to each other. Although, the death of Martha could also force that to happen. I feel as if this season has been leading up to finally getting Castle and Beckette together as a couple.


Captain Montgomery seems to be the best choice,let's say the less important of the entire cast.

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