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Please please please let Klaus and Elijah survive to season 3! They're the only thing about the show that I like right now. Stefan and Damon are becoming more than a little annoying.


Klaus is a sexy little fucker! I apologize for my language, but I just had to say it!


All I have to say is: TEAM KLAUS AND TEAM ELIJAH!!!


*share the power with other witches?


what i want to know is why cant bonnie summon that cousin of hers (that kathrine used to get the moonstone)used to help her harness the power of 100 witches to split the burden so the neither has to die???? how long will it take her to figure out she can s


Everybody keeps saying that Stefan is just jealous of Damon & Elena.What does Stefan have to be jealous of he has Elena's heart something Damon will never have that's what Stefan should've said.I don't care how close Damon Elena are she will never love or respect him the way she does Stefan.


My favorite scenes were always with Elijah, when he said I believe the term is OMG I couldn't help laffing. I love how sarcastic and honorable he is.

Klaus more than lived up to the hype. Everything is thinking about the other original siblings but what about the parents are they still alive? is that season 3?

I think Stefan is a little right about Elena not respecting all of Damon's actions but I also think he wanted to irk him too. I live when Stefan is a little mean and badass.

I think you can trust Elijah, he seemed to generally want to help and care for Katherine. and was I the only one who saw how sweet to was to him and what she said about love? made me like her a little more.

Please do not put Tyler's death out into the universe. I really, really, really want him and Caroline to make it to next season. I would be sad but alright if it was Bonnie or Matt.

Not sure how the originals or the werewolves came about but with this show I am sure it will be something surprising and well written.


ohh this show is just amazing! I loved this episode and I soo want to find out more about the originals! I definitly trust Elijah, I always did, and I'm glad he's back! I knew he would be!


bin laden is the oldest living vampire.. i think he will be on s4 lololol


best tv show vd al de wai

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