The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Klaus"

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Needless to say, with the story of Klaus revealed, and tensions boiling over between Salvatores, we've got a lot to cover in our Vampire Diaries Round Table.

Below, TV Fanatic managing editor Steve Marsi is joined by staff writers Carissa Pavlica and Nick McHatton for an in-depth Q&A discussion of "Klaus" ...


What was your favorite quote/scene from the episode?

Steve: In typical TVD fashion, my favorite scene was the very last. Klaus emerging like a vampire Houdini from that trunk was totally bad ass and served as a great sendoff into next week from a show that often saves its best until 8:58.

Nick: Sorry, I'm going to cheat on this one. Finding out the sun and the moon curse is fake and Klaus is a vampire/werewolf hybrid. I expect bombshells on a regular basis from Vampire Diaries but those were a doozy. Nevertheless, I loved it and it makes Klaus even more dangerous.

Carissa: I enjoyed Katherine getting drunk and having fun by herself. It made her more human and easier to relate to. She was an adorable drunk.


Did Klaus' back story and mythology live up to the hype?

Steve: Somehow it did. The real power of Klaus, or at least his potential power, and his reason for wanting to break the actual curse make the sun/moon thing look trivial. He's basically so dangerous even Elijah wants him gone.

Nick: Absolutely. The fact that Elijah is Klaus' brother and not a henchman like I thought he was makes the hype even better. I also loved the parallels between Klaus and Elijah and Damon and Stefan. It serves as a great reminder just how at odds Stefan and Damon truly were in the beginning of the show and something that can come back to the surface later.

Carissa: Well, that's hard to judge, but I was certainly surprised he and Elijah were brothers and that he is both a vampire and a werewolf. I really enjoyed the flashes to the past with Elijah and Klaus. For some reason I had no idea Katherine was the original doppelganger and that she was around since the 1400s. Who was her Katherine (who'd she dopplegang)? The flashbacks really made me want to know more about all of that. So, yes, since I was definitely without a clue going in, it must have lived up to the hype! 

Is Stefan right about Elena not respecting Damon?

Steve: Elena surely looks at them differently, but no. Stefan hit a nerve with that line, which I'm not sure he even meant. I think he may have been upset at (and maybe a little jealous of) Damon's methods and went for a low blow at that moment.

Nick: It felt like Stefan said that to get a rise out of Damon. But if Stefan truly believes Elena doesn't have any respect for Damon what rock has Stefan been living under?

Carissa: I think there is a lot Stefan doesn't know about close Elena and Damon have become, and if he did he would never have gone there. At some point, he's going to find out what they have been through, and how much Elena knows about Damon's feelings for her, and he will eat his words. Or much, much worse.

Can Elena trust Elijah?

Steve: While I wouldn't say he was happy about being killed twice (I loved his sarcastic reference to that), I don't think Elijah intends on double-crossing Elena again. She brought him back to life and they have the same agenda and interests now.

Nick: Yes, Elijah, from what we've been told, has a rather rigorous moral code. Believing human life is sacred, believing in the order of things, and he's willing to go against his own brother.

Carissa: I never thought I would say this, but yes. We now know that Elijah has something to fear in Klaus. In this world with which they are so unfamiliar, it is wise for Elijah to have an ally, and maybe a friend.

Elijah With Long Hair

Will Bonnie and/or Tyler die attempting to kill Klaus?

Steve: We've seen that dead doesn't necessarily mean ALL dead, but taking down Klaus has got to mean serious consequences. I'd be surprised if everyone involved in the sacrifice - or attempting to kill Klaus during it - came out unscathed.

Nick: I would like it more if the two of them lived. I've been critical of Bonnie in the past because of her indecisiveness but now that she's picked a side I'm enjoying her again. As for Tyler, can he even kill Klaus? Klaus has the resistance to silver if the curse is broken but is his vampire side resistant to werewolf bites too?

Carissa: I hope neither dies. Knowing Tyler is a werewolf, Klaus may have a use for him and keep him around. He could go bad guy, it would work. Bonnie pretending to die once was enough. Either kill her or not. I honestly don't care for the witch side of the story. They haven't made it compelling enough for me. 

How do you think the Originals came about - and will we one day meet any of Elijah and Klaus' siblings?

Steve: The revelation that they're two of seven children was great planning on the writers' part. As was leaving the history of how they became originals open-ended. So much storytelling potential for future seasons. How the first vampires came to be is impossible to even guess, though, because they've changed the game so much that nothing is off the table.

Nick: I have no idea, everything we've been told so far requires vampires. It's like the originals just decided to be vampires. I hope we will meet the siblings one day.

Carissa: I have absolutely no idea, but I really hope we find out. Hell, I would watch a spin-off of the originals starting in 1400, if I'm being honest. 

Steve Marsi is the Managing Editor of TV Fanatic. Follow him on Google+ or email him here.


@jade:thank u so much for ur comment,damon doesn't care about the people elena luvs,he hurts so many people around her,and i believe even if elena is going to luv damon it will not be as strong as that of stefan' thing delena fans should understand is that must damon luvs elena,is she the only girl in the world nd most of all he doesn't even deserve her,remember what he said"i don't deserve you,but my brother does"


@Lala,If u can't see that what Stefan and Elena have is the REAL DEAL (no matter how old she is) than u must be the young one cause what's between her and Damon will never compare. Oh & P.s. I'm not REALLY young


Did anyone else notice that Elijah thought catherine looked familiar? He must have been referring to the original doppleganger. I'm so curious to know about the first doppleganger, and whether or not there were other dopplegangers between the original and Katherine and katherine and elena. Also, if Elena turns that will mean no more dopplegangers. If she has a child while klaus is still alive and then turns that would be really selfish as she would potentially be dooming the next doppleganger.


If bonnie drank vampire blood couldn't she just kill Klaus w/out permanently dieing or having anyone else die? She would hate being a vampire but it's better than nothing. Or, could Tyler turn into a vampire and be a hybrid before klaus's dormant side is released...would that make tyler more powerful?


I love the character that bonnie plays, ithink she is the key to the end of the whole thing. And as of stephen and damon i hope they not really


Has anyone come to the conclusion to the fact that the vampires can have babies? since Klaus is a hybird, and his mom was a vampire.. or maybe im wrong. But i would loveeee me some elena-turns-into-vampire-has-sex-with-damon-and-has-some-delena-babies action.. or just damon and elena sexy time, hell to the yes!


I agree with Tara, Stefan has nothing to be jealous of. He's the one that has Elena's heart. He said it himself that he doesn't care if Damon loves Elena as long as he protects her, this shows that he trusts Elena completely. And this is just my opinion but when my boyfriend trusts my judgement and respects my decisions it is a good thing, I feel like Damon is undermining Elena...It is her life. If I was in her position I'd actually be reallly annoyed of him, yea its great that he cares but he needs to back off and let her make her own decisions. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Damon, hes a really interesting character and you can tell he has grown a lot from last season, but he has a lot more growing to do before he is worthy of Elena. And another thing about Stefan is that he actually cares about other people as well, whereas Damon is all about Elena. How could Elena forget him killing her brother, what he did to vicki, how he would have killed bonnie last season if STEFAN hadn't saved her, AND how treated poor caroline. he has hurt her family and friends...I dont understand how she would be able to just ignore that. This all being said i do think that Stefan needs some more interesting storylines..he is getting super boring, I feel like he just sits there on the sidelines..he can still be the good guy and get in on some action haha, but i liked how he actually faced off with Damon last episode when he needed to, for Elena, he was RESPECTING her wishes and wanted Damon to back off.


TARA: u must bereally young. Elena is a 17 year old, she will mature and her opinions on life, love and men will change. You can see its already happening. Damon and Elena are getting closer and closer and eventually she will stop fighting it. Its inevitable, as in life. But anyways, best scene had to be when Elijah blew my mind and said the curse was b.s! Plus, he was kin to Klaus and Klaus was a hybrid! I like Klaus but LOVE Elijah! So happy Tylers back, hope he 1) saves Caroline 2) kills Matt while he's at it...they should make hybrids ;). Oh yea and ita 'bout "delena" endgame baby! When is Bonnie gonna use her brain and get her witch posse together?!! If she doesn't I'm gonna need her to die. Oh yea and sheriff Forbes should go with her.


BTW I love Elijah! Hope that blond werewolf dies and maybe Bonnie lol


Love me some delena and tyler/care! Glad tyler is back and Stef was just jealous. He isn't stupid, he realizes he is slowing losing Elena.

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