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holy crap
only words after seeing this ep.
totally agree this ep. could have ended with anything even isabelle double-crossing katherine then she goes and kills her herself.. feel sick that matt did this but also such a good twist and makes his character so much more interesting.. and now the rick angle. BRILLANT.. really hope that Bonnie isnt killed saving elena though,. and also good ridance to Katherine after this final betrayal


Loved this episode. Love Bonnie. Really hope that Bonnie and Damon become a couple. They're so sexy.


I want Bonnie to die, that's for sure. BUT, maybe this will content some other readers: I have a hipotesis.

Maybe she MIGHT NOT DIE if she joins forces with the other witch (the daughter and sister of the other two witches) and they channel their power so they have enough strenth to kill Klaus and yet not get killed in the process.

Another great touch was the incinerated body on the apparment. I don't know, I just loved it. And the part that Damon's ring doesn't work in the old mansion, maybe that's important at some point?

Also, I don't think Isobel kill herself to spare Elena, I think she was just compelled to do it as soon as she finished her job. No motherly love involved there. She said it herself on the tumb.

Of course Klaus will keep Katherine hostage, just because he's extremely mad at her for running away, and maybe I'm wrong but, doesn't he need a vamp for the sacrifice? What a great twist to use HER, right? Much like Voldermort wanting Harry's blood to get his body back. Evil thinks alike.

Jeremy: BORIIIING, as usual. He's one wax sesson away of becoming a girl. Oh, a get a man's voice, will you?

Jenna: BOOORIIIING TOOO. But at least she had de decency of leaving before she put me to sleep with the role.

Alaric: AWESOME, finally some purpose for him. He might die or not, that I'm not sure.

Stefan: Kinda boring... he had a purpose tough in the whole plot. Oh, and I love how he just KNOWS when Katherine is trying to impersonate Elena. He's one of the few.

Matt will get either Caroline or the Sheriff killed. Way to go, bartender! You might just get killed off in the process.

And well... that's it for now. Damon I tought was a bit more clever, hidding the moonstone on the soap container. In any case Kat found it by mistake so... I'll forgive him just because he took his shirt off. Awww... GOOD TIMES!

That's just my opinion. See yah!


Any one else think for a split second that Alaric had a doppleganger for a second/ klaus was Alaric's doppleganger???


I also thought that was klaus in the chair. then it showed a face and i still thought it was klaus but then when the guy stands up and it shows the face again thats when i could tell it was Alaric. then we he spoke in vampire tongue i knew right there and then that klaus took over alaric's body. ians body,drools


I loved this episode! Although it was hard to keep up with all the double-crossing and plotting :) The twist at the end was amazing. I hope Alaric doesn't die as a result of being possessed by Klaus, but it seems likely.


I'm still not over this episode !! Haha WOW !! I love the action packed episodes of tvd also the storyline had me intriged. I must say, i had this weird feeling in my stomach the whole time, meaning it was really emotionally loaded (but in a good way of course) if this ep set the tone for the last 5 episodes than i think it's going to be mind blowing and we are propably going to cry our eyes out.


I DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT WANT THEM TO KILL BONNIE... THEY CAN KILL ALL THE VAMPIRES BUT NOT BONNIE!!!! BONNIE MUST EITHER FIND THE STRENGTH OR SOMEONE ELSE MUST END UP KILLING KLAUS... If they end up killing bonnie I will truly know that Kevin Williamson is a total ass for ruining to awesome shows!!!! Die williamson die!!!!


klaus killed jenny schecter!!!


i really hope alaric doesn't die as a result of klaus possessing him.....also bonnie shuldve been more sensitve towards jeremys feelings obvs he wouldnt want her to do so...also way to traumatize your daughter isobel by killing yerself in front of her geez

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