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EPICLY AMAZING EPISODE as usual. Gasped so many times! Omg i LOVE damon!! he has changed the most, stefan only said that elena had his respect to either bate damon or he seriously doesn't know how elena is when she is with damon. I'm so proud of damon for letting andie go. Just want to say how amazing nina was with katherine and elena - kat's dance totally cracked me up, so funny! to see elijah and elena working together was cool and i'm actually wondering if elijah could be a possible distraction?? klaus is freaking SCARY, great casting. and jenna finally knows the truth!! no caroline or bonnie/jeremy this episode. look forward to tyler coming back!!!!! Team DAMON, if elena won't leave stefan i'll have you (in my bed) *cough cough*


I have an awful feeling like damon is going to die.
The last dance- dancing with Elena with then next episode being called something like The Last Day?
And now the last day with him going rogue!?
The writers have also creativly made it known this season of damons secret- that he longs to be human.

Seriously think about it. D;


Elena does respect Damon. Stefan is so wrong there I actually sighed when he said this to Damon, cuz it was so blatantly incorrect. Elena is always asking Damon to be the better man "C'mon you're better than this....You're so close....I care about you.... Be the better man Damon....C'mon Damon, that's a lie. You care. Thankyou. for looking out for us. for me."
She believes he can be better than he is, that deep down he is good even if he doesn't realize it. And she respects the passion he has for all the things he cares about. And she also loves him-as a friend- because he was in Elena's list of loved ones to protect in her deal with Elijah.
She does respect that undercurrent goodness in him because otherwise she wouldn't be so convinced that Damon can be the better man if he just tries. And for God's sake, Damon stepped up and saved Bonnie's life, you're telling me she doesn't respect him for that??
I agree!


Watch the Rose episdoe again, it explains how Trevor found out about the sacrifice ritual, how cuz he loved Kat, he freaked out and told her about the whole deal and then how he helped her escape and how Rose got mad at him for putting their lives in danger. And how Kat killed herself and became vampire didn't care that it basically meant Rose and Trevor would have to run from Elijah and Klaus all their lives.
Poor Elijah didn't say anything. Unless of course they reveal something in further eps.


Thank you Bobbie Whited!!! that was my thought too... even though I love the vampire diaries.. a werewolf/vampire creature ?can you say Underworld?


step aside damon and stefan here come klaus and elijah...actually damon can stay ;P


Hope Elijah will come to his senses (and hopefully Elena will come to hers)and try to protect Elena. Looks like he's got a soft spot for her. Or better yet, someone (Damon seems like the best candidate) someone will put vampire blood in Elena(she does not have to turn yet), as a threat to both Kluas and Elijah.


10 stars for this episode! It was AMAZING!!! First of all, I have to say it. Klaus is friggin' hot! Ok, got that out of the way. What were we talking about?


Soo happy Elijah is back, I love his character. Episode was really good and am happy to see Joseph Morgan can hold his own. Very happy with Matt Davis he is a wonderful actor and it is about time he had a chance to shine. No more team oblivious human I guess.


AWESOME EPISODE!!! Only thing I'm confused about is how compelled Andie is. Did Damon compel her not to tell anyone about vampires or did he forget? Cause that would be BAD! Before he almost killed her she might have kept it a secret but now I'm not sure anymore. If she isn't under compulsion I wouldn't blame her for telling someone about what's going on.

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