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The Vampire Diaries Promo: "Klaus"

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You don't know the whole story until you know his story.

We got our first glimpse of "Klaus" last night in the body of Alaric (read our Vampire Diaries review for a full rundown). Next week, we'll get his long-awaited back story.

April 21, in the episode fittingly titled "Klaus," get ready for:

  • Klaus still possessing Alaric (it appears so, at least)
  • Katherine-Klaus history in flashbacks circa 1491
  • The newly-resurrected Elijah in both eras
  • Some seriously pissed-off Damon

I believe the term you're looking for is "OMFG" ...

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Elijah made me LOL.


Ahhh hoping that next week will pass fast. I'm so hooked. ;)


This is wow!! the episode that's come down to this!! The arrival of Klaus. =O From the way he looks is lame and not very stylish. This episode will be the shocking one of them all and to have Elena bring Elijah back. It's wrong to see the Salvatore brothers still fighting over the past and I think that they should forget about the past and start a new life. I wonder if Bonnie will still have the power to keep Elena safe from into Klaus' rage and to have all her friends combine to keep the force strong. I say that Klaus should be dead for good, have Mystic Falls come back to peace, and have the curse broken without harming Elena or have her become a vampire. I especially know what Klaus wants to do with Elena: kill her to break the curse of the sun and moon. This is going to be one major episode out of this entire season and I still can't wait to see how this season will end (it ends around the middle of May). =) =O


LOL I love Elijah so much. I CAN'T WAIT for this episode!!


"I believe the term you're looking for is OMFG"
LOOOOOOOOOOL Elijah is hilarious!!!!!!!!


'OMFG' Elijah is a legend


funny how ejiah goes "omfg" very "orginial" of him, lol. anyway was wondering if we ever find out who the father was katherine had a baby with who she had to give up.


So Elijah knew Katherine before Klaus did and I kinda think he cares for her and is glad that Klaus and him will go at it.