Supernatural Season Finale Spoiler: What About Sam?

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During the first hour of Supernatural's May 20 season finale, Dean will face his fears. This we already know.

But what about a certain other Winchester sibling? Producer Sera Gamble says her show will go out with a "bang" in a few weeks, detailing to EW how hour number-two will focus on Sam, specifically how the wall in his mind that protects Sam from his worst memories comes down.

"You see Sam in a state he’s never been in before pretty much at the top of the episode,” Gamble says. “Structurally, he does a couple of pretty interesting things."

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Come on. You've gotta give us more than that! Gamble teases:

"It’s like when you start to think about what that could be in your imagination - something completely spun out in all directions - except hopefully we give you something you were thinking and some unexpected twists. We like to throw stuff at the boys that they weren’t prepared for as much as possible.”

Whatever that may be, at least we know Supernatural will be back for another season. The CW officially picked up the series earlier this week.

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