POLL: Who is Television's King of the Hot Nerds?

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Is there anything hotter than a sexy lady who knows her Star Wars from her Star Trek? Do you squeal when your favorite bespectacled hottie cracks an encrypted database? 

Admit it. In the television world of alpha males and femme fatales, on occasion you just can't help but fall for the guys and gals who make geek look so chic!

Now's your chance to let the world know once and for all just who are TV's King and Queen of the Hot Nerds! We've selected characters from some of TV's most popular shows and are putting YOU in charge of the coronation.

The gents are first up to get us started. Voting is open until noon on Friday, April 8!


Which one of these gorgeous guys puts your CPU into overdrive?

This poll is now closed...check here for the winner!

Jeffrey Kirkpatrick is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow him on Twitter.


Holy crud, WHY IS IT SO HARD TO PICK?! Ahhhh! Shawn Spencer or Timothy McGee... (Although, I do love Auggie. They need to air new Covert Affairs episodes soon.) Aw, man. >___


aww i can't choose between shawn and reid


That's an awful picture of Aaron Stanford. He won't get many votes with that! Can't you change it??


chuck.... shawn..... i'm so torn :(


James Roday...All the way!!!


(puts on geek glasses) Oh, THERE he is. Nice.


Where is Dr. Spender Reid from Criminal Minds?


HARDISON, HARDISON, HARDISON!!! he is my all time fav tv nerd. and def they need to up this list there are plenty more that they should of added. especially hardison ;) just sayin lol


Hodgens from Bones; now that's one sexy squint! Wendal and Clark are hotties, too, but not as regular of characters.


This list is weak!

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