Parks and Recreation Review: "Soulmates"

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While not as strong as last week’s superb "Dinner Party," "Soulmates" did serve up everything I enjoy about the show (in a real meat sort of way, of course).

First up, we have Leslie deciding to try online dating after being turned down by Ben. Much to Leslie’s dismay the site gives her Tom as her soulmate with a 98% match.

My favorite part of the entire episode was when Leslie calls up the site’s owner to tell him his service is crap. When the owner tells her he met his wife using the algorithm the site employs Leslie responds with “Really, well that’s not gonna last.”

Chris and Andy Shopping

I wasn’t sure just how creepy Tom was going to get when Leslie finally tells him about being soulmates. I was fearful the show could possibly go just a hair too far in the creepy department in an effort to get to the jokes delivered (I’m looking at you Joe from Sewage).

Thankfully, Tom delivered just the right amount to creep out Leslie, touching and flirting with her just enough, to make her uncomfortable and keep me in fits of laughter.

The other soulmate this week was Ron’s love of real, artery clogging meat.

I often find Ron to be the person who vocalizes what the rest of us are thinking. He did just that in the Grain ‘n Simple from comparing his amusement to going to the zoo to throwing away the Vegan Bacon.

Finally, I want to touch on the Ben and Leslie relationship. Although I’m usually all for couples getting together sooner rather than later I have to say I’m enjoying the slow pace the two of them are taking things. For Leslie, as we all know, she wants a nice guy and to take things slow.

For Ben, he has to of course follow Chris’ no office relationships, but on top of that I believe he’s partly scared. The minute they step out of the office, as Leslie offered, things get real and it’s no longer something that can be excused as work.

Other thoughts:

  • Tom’s slang for everything he likes are some of the funniest “Tom-isms” he’s doled out yet. Who else needs a food rake?
  • While expected I still rather enjoyed Ben and Leslie going on their little date in front of the mural.
  • I love the fact that Jerry has his own “Jerry” in Kyle.
  • I was hoping for more Andy and April this week since they did just get married.

What did you think of "Soulmates"? Leave a comment below with your thoughts, and be sure to check out our list of Parks and Recreation quotes as well!


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This was my favorite Parks and Rec so far! So many laugh out loud moments. Ron's trip to the healthy food store was hilarious! But the slang roll Tom went on about his likes was stuff of pop culture mainstays..."food rake" could be the new "puffy shirt". The show is really gelling now, hope they keep it up!


Good episode. Very funny!


I know folks think this wasn't the best but I think that was only because last week's ep was soo good. I really enjoy Ben on the show, I think he fits right in with the cast and I agree he and Leslie should take their time. Everything I love about Ron was exemplified in the opening scene when he smiled when Leslie picked him for dodgeball and when he told Chris if he won he would get the greatest gift of all. Really love this cast. I didn't think that whole Ann dating different guys things was very funny but will be patient and see where it leads.

Canadian mike

Not the best episode, Parks and Rec needs to get back to season 2 type episodes; as well, the introduction of Ben Wyatt and Chris Traeger have done nothing for the show. Nevertheless, Parks & Rec is still a good show, they just have not topped any of their season 2 episodes.

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