Nurse Jackie Review: "Play Me"

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Welcome to Nurse Jackie, Tunie.

As played by Jaimie Alexander, the debut of Kevin's sister on "Play Me" came across like a breath of fresh, entertaining, care-free air. Everyone immediately surrounding Edie Falco's title character is just so serious these days - Eddie, O'Hara, Kevin - that it was fun to see someone refer to interventions as "rude."

A Failing Marriage?

I'm getting the most enjoyment on season three overall from everyone not named Jackie. It's just too much of the same with her: lying, denying, using. Are there people like this in real life? Absolutely. But that doesn't mean it's a hoot to watch.

Fortunately, Coop and Zoey are a source of non-stop laughter.

Granted, their scenes feel unrelated anything else on the show these days, coming across like a blatant humor break from the seriousness of Jackie's situation. But who cares? I still find them funny.

Who didn't crack up at Coop trying to bond with Thor, saying he can definitely sit back and be pretty? Or Zoey struggling with whether to move in with Lenny or strangle him? The use of the God character seems like a transparent attempt to be different, but at least it led to Zoey giving a reasonable explanation for not being able to date him ("too much pressure").

Of course, the major development of the evening involved the mysterious fellow who makes a living by providing drugs to addicts in order to lead them to rock bottom and then step in to help. That's... interesting? I guess?

There's no way people like this actually exist, right? I suppose we wouldn't really know if they did, but this feels like a desperate way to mix things up, to give Jackie a new, dangerous direction. It would be one thing if she gave any indication of thinking she had a problem, but Jackie doesn't see things that way, does she? Why would she even consider such a drastic measure when she hasn't considered any other way to get clean yet?

I'll wait until this storyline plays out more to really judge it. Just feels very random at the moment. What does everyone else think?

Play Me Review

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