Nikita Review: "Into the Dark"

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"Into the Dark" was another solid episode of Nikita this week. The show really seems to be stepping up its game since the return from hiatus, not that it was lacking before.

I don’t say its improved solely because of Mikita, although there is undeniable, electric, sizzling chemistry between Shane and Maggie. Keep it coming, writers!

It was so nice to see Michael look at Alex differently. He really looks at her with love and protection. I also see a hint of curiosity in his eyes, and I’m hoping Nikita tells him Alex’s story.

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He’ll probably be more inclined to help her once he knows. He might be the one who needs help from her next week however, as he unknowingly put himself at risk by taking the fall for Thom, who Amanda now believes was the mole.

Boy oh boy, are cleaners and guardians dangerous.

We thought Percy and agents were dangerous, but they’ve got nothing on guardians. I’m willing to bet that one of the key guardians is the boy Alex tried to help a few episodes back; the one that went on a shooting spree and got moved to cleaner position. Now we know why Division deemed him fit for that position.

I sincerely thought Owen was going to have to die by the end of this episode, and I would have cried [along with Nikita, I’m sure] if he did. Fortunately, Michael spared his life.

Besides their chemistry, Nikita and Michael are really unstoppable as a team.

Who knew Percy used to have guardians on regimens? He plants chips into everyone so why not, right? I felt so sorry for Owen, having no control over his headaches and mood swings, again another crippling thing Percy created. Brilliant and logical way to create a superhuman though, no?

I hope to see more of Owen in the future, once he’s off the regimen and is in no way dangerous to anyone. It was smart of him to separate himself from Nikita and anyone else he could possibly harm. Everyone think he’ll stick to his plan of trying to withdraw and get better?

Maggie Q’s face when Nikita received her apology from Owen about Daniel was heart-wrenching. I believe she truly loves Michael, but she is still clearly very broken when it comes to the tender subject of Daniel. It was wonderful to see some closure there, and it couldn’t be more ironic that Nikita ended up hugging the killer of her fiancé.

The only thing that wasn’t great about tonight's episode was the ending. It wasn’t much of a cliffhanger, as I don’t think Alex will be shocked or have any extravagant emotion about Nikita’s admission of being with Michael.

What did you think, TV Fanatics? Do you believe Owen will get clean? What consequences do you think await Michael at Division? Discuss below!

Into the Dark Review

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Nikita Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

Michael: I need to review some of our internal security protocols. Do you have a moment?
Birkhoff: Not really, though that does sound like a good time.

Michael [to Nikita]: So you'll be in London? With him?
Owen: She's bossy like that. You'll learn.
Michael: I think I know her pretty well.