NCIS Scoop: Whose Eyeball Was That?!

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So says Pauley Perrette (Abby) on Twitter. Wow. As if the ending of this week's NCIS wasn't (forgive us) eye-popping enough, that's quite the scoop from P-squared.

Perrette Tweeted that piece of knowledge as part of CBS' Tweet Week, and it certainly puts a disturbing, mysterious twist on the startling discovery Tony made.

Abby Shot

In case you missed it, the episode concluded with the "P2P" sending a message to Ziva and Tony, who end their day at a bar, having failed to apprehend the serial killer.

After Tony surprisingly tells Ziva to ease up on Ray, the bartender delivers a drink from a patron who's since disappeared. Inside one of the ice cubes is an eyeball.

So whose eyeball is that, and on a related note, who's the P2P Killer?

Might he (or she) be someone we know as well? Discuss below!

FUN SIDE NOTE: Pauley also Tweeted that the baby doll used to lure the victim on Tuesday speaks with a computerized voice - one done by David McCallum (Ducky)!

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Just throwing this out there but it could be someone from NCIS: LA. Wouldn't be the first time that one of their members gets murdered and ends up on the original :)


the old director was in is 60s at least and he worked for NCIS


Early 50s if he was in his 60th he would of not been working for NCIS


people get it together the eye belongs to a male in his 30s so it cant be the old director who was in his 60s.


Maybe its Chip


I really think that eye belongs to the first NCIS director... Before Dir. Shepherd... But HOW???? I Dunno....


somehow i know its not vances eye because he doesnt have blue eyes we will just have to wait all will be revieled.i have a
bad fealing ziva will die im hoping im wrong ncis just wont be the same and didnt anybody notice how ducky is letting jimmy take over.please leave ducky alone.


here's a diabolical thought. Isn't Palmers' dad some kind of expert researcher having to due with eye's, and Jimmy seems to know alot about them also. Remember ducky saying if it has do with eyes Palmer's your man. also, tony turned to palmer for advice when gibbs was gone. they could have geneticlly altered the retina of any eye to open MTAC. this may be the first of several clues pointing to the serial killer. and another thought EJ and Vance are up to no good. The coming weeks should be interesting. this is the kind of story arc that really sent the show to the top of the charts.


the eyeball opened MTAC and not everyone can do that so it has to be someone high up!



NCIS Quotes

Abby: Have the bad things been outweighing the good things all these years and I just ever noticed?
McGee: What do you mean?
Abby: All I ever wanted was to help people with the truth. And I've done that, but then bad still won sometimes. And I just want to file it away, like it never happened so I can go back to being happy.
McGee: There's nothing wrong with that.
Abby: Yes there is McGee because sometimes the Cutwrights and the Dunns, they just keep fighting no matter what the truth is. And sometimes Ricki never gets to see her grandpa again. If the bad outweighs the good then that means that I'm not enough.
McGee: Abby listen to me...
Abby: And if I'm not enough, McGee, then why even try?

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