NCIS Scoop: Whose Eyeball Was That?!

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So says Pauley Perrette (Abby) on Twitter. Wow. As if the ending of this week's NCIS wasn't (forgive us) eye-popping enough, that's quite the scoop from P-squared.

Perrette Tweeted that piece of knowledge as part of CBS' Tweet Week, and it certainly puts a disturbing, mysterious twist on the startling discovery Tony made.

Abby Shot

In case you missed it, the episode concluded with the "P2P" sending a message to Ziva and Tony, who end their day at a bar, having failed to apprehend the serial killer.

After Tony surprisingly tells Ziva to ease up on Ray, the bartender delivers a drink from a patron who's since disappeared. Inside one of the ice cubes is an eyeball.

So whose eyeball is that, and on a related note, who's the P2P Killer?

Might he (or she) be someone we know as well? Discuss below!

FUN SIDE NOTE: Pauley also Tweeted that the baby doll used to lure the victim on Tuesday speaks with a computerized voice - one done by David McCallum (Ducky)!

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The eyes could be that of NCIS Director Tom Morrow for the first two seasons. But I am kinda going with a long shot of it being Special Agent Chris Pacci. That is if the eyes are from a male person.


Janet thank you. I am thrilled beyond words. Still a little worried when I read that Abby had to cry in a scene. Cause Abby didn't actually cry when Gibbs took his "Hiatus" and you know how Abby feels about Gibbs ? Oh, do you think maybe we should be worrying about McGiggle ? Hope not !
I did find it as well. Also, you might be interested in the whole cast being on Extra with Mario Lopez too. It is on YouTube and well worth seeing. It is those little info bits that convinced me that Cote wouldn't want to be doing lots of press if she was out ! Notice EJ is NOWHERE - but OUT I think. Lets all bow our heads and pray for that!
Also, I see that CIRay is in one more episode "Swan Song" soooo that doesn't bode well either. ummmmm ???


hi editor yes i know what you mean about enjoying the last 2 episodes knowing ziva will not die.i read it on ncis in the news.shes getting the same salary as pauly perrette i think 125,00 a episode and a big bonus as well.


About it being Trent Court's is going to be in the last 2 or the very last episode of this Season. But Trent can't get into MTAC - although I'll bet he'd want to.
Also, Pauley Perrette said in her recent Twitter, she had to cry
(oh no!) in a scene for last episode. Why is Abby crying ? She wouldn't cry over new agents and that was my wish to have them gone in a hail of gunshots. Plus (at this point anyway) there are two confirmed deaths on NCIS. I am starting to worry again!!
oh no............


Oh have just made my day !! In my heart I knew that there was no way Cote would be leaving the show..she is such an important part of it (no matter what Michael here may say over and over again ad nausium) Yippee!! I think I can now watch the final two episodes with a lot more enjoyment, Where did you get that information Janet? And by the way - lets all take this opportunity to say GOODBYE to Agent Sleazy and her gang before we move on to Season 9 eh ? Oh - I am happy !!! Now if we can just get Tony back to his charming self??!!


good news cote de pablo just signed a new contract for 2years


According to Michael Ausiello, "just because this person's eye is missing doesn't mean he/she is dead." Though he put "he/she," Ducky did say in the last new episode, "Dead Reflection," that the eye belongs to a male in his 30s. Now, if you continue on the notion that Ducky is not wrong (and he so very rarely is), this news can't help but make you wonder about the returning Trent Kort (David Dayan Fisher). He does have blue eyes, he's about that age, and if the person isn't necessarily dead, he'd definitely make sense. He has quite a history with the team. Now this doesn't mean that the person isn't dead, but it does raise the possibility. What does this mean for your list of whose eye that could be on NCIS?


hi michael can i ask you how old are you if its not to personal. i read that the owner of the eye may not be dead thats something to chew on.


Well Janet I would love to keep proven you wrong but that too Easy


i wont be jeanne benoit because the eye can be used to access MTAC and jeanne isnt NCIS personel x

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