NCIS Scoop: Whose Eyeball Was That?!

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So says Pauley Perrette (Abby) on Twitter. Wow. As if the ending of this week's NCIS wasn't (forgive us) eye-popping enough, that's quite the scoop from P-squared.

Perrette Tweeted that piece of knowledge as part of CBS' Tweet Week, and it certainly puts a disturbing, mysterious twist on the startling discovery Tony made.

Abby Shot

In case you missed it, the episode concluded with the "P2P" sending a message to Ziva and Tony, who end their day at a bar, having failed to apprehend the serial killer.

After Tony surprisingly tells Ziva to ease up on Ray, the bartender delivers a drink from a patron who's since disappeared. Inside one of the ice cubes is an eyeball.

So whose eyeball is that, and on a related note, who's the P2P Killer?

Might he (or she) be someone we know as well? Discuss below!

FUN SIDE NOTE: Pauley also Tweeted that the baby doll used to lure the victim on Tuesday speaks with a computerized voice - one done by David McCallum (Ducky)!

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Who is the guy around :10 in the black jacket walking slowly in the rain, it almost looks like McGee?


mike franks is being held by ziva's dad...gibbs will have to kill ziva's dad
Cort is the port 2 port killer...
the eye is the sec nav's


Nice try 'IWasntHere' & 'Me' trying to fake everyone out like you are from the show, but try again. Show do not leave storylines open, it may take them a couple episodes or seasons to finish things, but they close them eventually. The next body that will be found is someone not listed in the credits because they don't make an actual physical appearance, there is a corpse made to look like them, that is it. You are right about the eye being Kort's, but wrong about the body. If you would do your research, the :30 promo has been released, find it & watch. The heart of NCIS is obviously Gibbs, and the next body discovered is...
*********************** EJ & her team were stated to be in Hawaii following a lead, now what retired Lt. Col. with personal ties to Gibbs retired herself to Hawaii?


The guy is right, I used my video editing software and played it milisecond-by-milisecond and then lightened the video and played it the same way and when you lighten it you see everything clearly, it's like CBS darkened the video before showing it. What do you work on the show or what???


Yes it can be and is Kort's. Not only seeing it in the preview, but when McGee said the eye was in the database, he then said it was classified. Things are only classified when a higher-up does the classifying, the CIA can't just come in and add classified records to NCIS databases w/out approval, hence someone at the top would have classified it & knows. Watch for either finding out the director knew about Kort's classified access, or someone a little higher up than Vance (If you view the cast list for the 2 final episodes, you will notice a different SecNav each episode). You will also find out why McGee says the guy was here, because he was, only not in the way or fashion anyone expects. The eye wasn't just taken from Kort and put right in the glass, it has been used. The killer has used it to access the building, the elevators, etc... Why do you think EJ wanted to test it, they don't just test the eyes of every body they get in the morgue, she had a reason for testing it. Finally and sadly for all of you rough & tough out there, watch the promo either in slow motion or freeze frame, frame by frame you notice 2 things about the takedown scene in the rain, first, the taller of the 2 figures does a slight headturn upon going down, you can recognize the hair, moreso, look down, notice a familiar pair of cowboy boots, and third, when looking at who he is taking down, notice the parted down the middle hair familiar to one character in particular. Something else I have been getting a kick out of reading all the boards that fans post on, everyone thinks just because all re-currents have re-signed that they will remain on the frontline. There is another death occurring during 'Pyramid' which will leave an open spot that needs to be filled, a good fit for someone with leadership skills, just because they are all signed does not mean their positions stay the same or that they are going to be in every episode as they have in the past, sometimes actors / actresses have to do a little less because of physical conditions. - I was never here...


You know Jennifer, I like how you think, but I have found that the writers or whoever never go back to the things they said -that we think are so important. I loved that quote - especially since Gibbs near enemy ej is far away right now...but the next writer of the episode will likely not recall this at all. The fans are way more observant - including myself ! I wish the writers would read these posts once in a while and see what we think. But hey I suppose you can only do so much in 43 minutes eh ? I hate to tell you this though, Mike Franks is going to be killed by the P2P killer and why he is in DC to see Gibbs I do not know. I will miss him and Gibbs has so few true friends, it is very very sad. I bet I'll cry. I think the name "Pyramid" came from Mike Franks - down to Gibbs - down to Tony pyramid style..and the top of the Pyramid is gonna be gone...


And actually it wasn't referenced, but seasons back, that was stated as one of the rules, not sure which episode or rule number it was.


this whole episode was full of flashbacks and quotes, like the fortune cookie keep you friends close and your enemies closer. A few seasons back Kort said that very same thing to Gibbs in the elevator, whenever Korts around Tonys in trouble! Mike Franks I'm sure will show up to save the day


I can't believe it took me this long to put it together, military funeral, change in actor. They said it was a recurring character, they didn't say it was a character that appeared in every show. Explore the SecNav is killed.


Can I ever put everything in one post or must I always forget something. Also, the thing with the eye, the episode on 5/3 McGee said the eye matched the database but who it was was classified. The preview shows Kort missing his left eye. A couple seasons & episodes back, the episode where the USO chick was really an undercover agent for homeland security or ICE or something opened the elevator door using her eye and the entire episode was about the chick that was kidnapped when they broke into the server room at an ISP & they needed her eye to open the door but she took the meds that screwed up her eye from opening the door. Anyway, the undercover chick said that the eyes of agents in certain government agencies could open any retina scanner may explain how Kort's eye could do it. Whatever op he is working currently or in the past has him at that universal clearance level. Speculation, but explore next episode Gibbs discovers Vance knew about Kort having access & knew it was classified.

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