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I don't understand why people don't see Blair with Dan because she is rich and he is not. Even Royal families in Europe marry non Royals, see the princess of Sweden, Prince William etc.

I think they are good for each other, only Dan sees how intelligent she is, I want her to realise the special side of Dan as well instead of mourning after Chuck.


Serena has A LOT of growing up to do and I have said it before and feel the need to say it again....the chick is a HYPOCRITE!!! Blair can forgive her for sleeping with her boyfriend at the time and not only hiding it but skipping town. But Serena has the nerve to actually get upset that Dan and Blair are hanging out and shared a kiss?! I really hope Serena gets put in her place.


very well said, Queenofice!


I totally disagree about what was said abt BLOUIS/LAIR- Yes maybe B is smitten now with the idea of royalty but Lair look amazing together. I love how beatiful the couple is- how well-matched they are. Blair always had this elegance abt her since season 1 and only Louis matches that. He is the best among the three of her options and not only because he is royalty.

I like Dair- but I dont see Blair and Dan being endgame. I dont see Blair happily washing dishes at Brooklyn and I dont want Dan to turn into another Rufus - an UES household and spineless. If they do show this it would be missing out on the charm of GG- I like B being snotty and snobbish and her accepting Dan is going to take that away from her and I am not prepared to lose my fav character.

Chair- With all that Chuck has done- he doesnt deserve B.



But will we EVER see them kiss?!


This episode was CHEAP. I didn't like it at all. It was as staged as the Dair kiss, as shallow as Serena, as sundry as Nate and an absolute waste of my time. How on earth can the writers get away with such flimsy material, I cannot comprehend. And for anyone as clueless as Nate, all the girls Dan ends up with visit him in his Brooklanyte maison...


What was that about Blair and Dan discussing Chabrol and Rohmer??!!! LOL sooo OOC!!! it was like when they made Hillary Duff say she loved Godard! ROLF
S3, NYU, Blair hating it...REMEMBER???


i really did not like this episode that much and feel that Charlie is a stalker.


Anyone else expecting Chuck to get a half sister by a season finale? How creepy would that be. Honestly its nice not to see Blair scheming all the time reminds me she's human. However i have to ask why Serena and her are still friends? After all the backstabbing and lies, it would just seem like someone should walk away.

Highest ick factor ever, I rather see Cherena. Yeah I went there lol


let us not forget, they're both easy, whorey and blonde lol Should I go on why Serenate should be the endgame?

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