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Blair: Chuck, I need to tell you something.
Chuck: Oh my God! You're pregnant! YES! Shotgun wedding!


I vote 'Leu' or 'dee123' to win! :)


Chuk: Blair it's always been you!
Blair : Then why haven't you proved it chuck? (sight)
I need you to show me not just tell me.
Chuck: Blair.... I love you dont you understand
Blair: prove it! Chuck
Chuck: (kisses her with passion ) this is all
The prove you need.
Blair: Chuck Bass I love you. I love you so much


chuck: blair i know louis is a prince but do you want his title or him, if he's what makes you happy fine but at least with dan i knew you wanted him

blair: why would you care you never would have done somthing like this any way

chuck: i was going to on top of the empire state building but ou left (pulls out ring)

blaire: i.. i just need to think


Blair: I know what you are...
Chuck: Say it... say it out loud..Say it
Blair: Man whore.
Chuck: Are you scared?


Chuck: I'm sorry Blair. For all the pain i've caused you
Blair: Just kiss me! I need you, now!


Chuck: Blair, why won't you marry me?
Blair: It's just...when I look at you, I...I don't see the Chuck I used to know.
Chuck: What? That's crazy,what are you talking about!
Blair: Look at your suit! There's hardly any purple to be seen!


Blair: "Your a man whore"
Chuck:: "The tons of girls I had sex don't say so."
Blair: "No wonder I went for Dan"


Blair: don't let go
Chuck: I won't, I'll be here for you always
Blair: um I ment because i'd probably fall over if you did....


Blair : Would it kill you to speak up instead of whisper? And stop walking like a cane is stuck up there!

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