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Welcome back to the latest edition of TV Fanatic's Fringe Round Table!

Our Fringe critic, Carissa Pavlica, and fellow panelists Sean McKenna and Nick McHatton discuss this week's episode, "6:02 AM EST," in a Q&A below.


It's one of the most controversial aspects of Fringe when it comes up in discussion. Does God have a place in Fringe or not?

Carissa: I have to believe there is room for both science and faith. Period. Whether on TV or in life. I'm not even considered a believer in God, but I have to believe if there is a God, then he/she created science. I think I need to believe there is room for both, and I love how subtly it's incorporated in Fringe. Basically, letting the viewer decide.

Sean: Sure it can, but at the same time one of the reasons I enjoy Fringe is because things can be explained scientifically. I’d just be afraid of it falling under the same vein as Lost and ignoring the original aspects of what founded the show. It’s ok to involve fate, destiny, and God, but I would hope that it doesn’t mean an elimination of the importance of science. Just because one exists doesn’t mean the other can’t too.

Nick: I believe God has a place in Fringe. Fringe has the rare gift of being able to explain almost everything but, just like real life, some things just are not explainable. When we reach this point many of us do turn to religion.

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Were you disappointed that Fauxlivia didn't make it over to our side? 

Carissa: Definitely. I am absolutely salivating at the idea of everyone meeting. And it may never happen.

Sean: If only universe jumping was easier. I was disappointed that she wasn’t able to help the other side, but I have no doubts that she will find another way.

Nick: For sure. Especially with all the developments she’d bring with her. I still think she’ll eventually make it here though.

What do you think Walternate has in store for Fauxlivia?

Carissa: Nothing good. He's singularly focused on what he thinks he has to do to save the universe. He seems somehow pleased with himself for obtaining Peter's DNA and no longer cares about anything else. I believe he will pay dearly for dismissing Fauxlivia so easily.

Sean: Besides giving her a villain monologue about his master plan? I’m sure he’ll try and use her or most likely kill her. He really doesn’t seem to care about others at this point.

Nick: For now it seems like he’s just holding her until he “wins.” My guess is he’ll use her in some when our side starts turning the tide. 

Why do you think the machine rejected Peter so dramatically?

Carissa: I don't think it did. I think it supercharged him or something and we'll find out what that means when he wakes up, because I have no doubt our Joshua Jackson is going to be back next year!

Sean: Maybe because it’s already been activated on the other side it no longer needs him. I’m in the dark on that answer.

Nick: I have a few guesses but I think it’s because the machine already found it’s “Peter” or it’s not time for our Peter to use the machine yet.

Both Walter and Walternate were willing to give up Peter, but for different reasons. Do you think their reasons will have repercussions on their respective universes, or is that too deep a subject to delve?

Carissa: If there is fate, or God or karma or whatever you believe, decisions made for good will always trump decisions made for evil. For a while I thought Walternate may have been more than the man he was here, but in comparison to the grief and pain rocking Walter, there is no doubt who is the better man. A good man making a good decision has to stand for something.

Sean: It’s interesting that they both give up Peter, especially because the whole universe confrontation stemmed from their desires to have Peter with them. Walter manages to be apologetic for his actions and recognizes his mistakes, while still managing to express his fatherly love for Peter. Walternate seems further removed from the situation and garners the idea, “if I can’t have him, no one will.” In general, his plans seem way past getting Peter back, and I’m sure that in the end their decisions will have repercussions for both men.

Nick: I believe their decisions and attitudes towards Peter foreshadow what will happen to each universe. Walter was willing to sacrifice Peter because although he knew the possible repercussions it was something his son wanted to do. I believe Walter’s faith and trust in Peter will eventually lead to our sides ideals of mending the two universes rather than sacrificing one as the winning thought. Walternate seems hellbent on just wanting to win even if it costs him Peter and the universe he’s come to know and love. But is it really winning when you have to sacrifice your own flesh and blood and the home he lives in? It seems like Walternate’s path is setting his universe up for destruction. I’d also like to mention that this episode finalized my opinion on who’s the better father for Peter and it’s not Walternate.

Is there anyone on TV who can rock a Pea coat better than Peter or cargo pants better than Fauxlivia?

Carissa: I asked the question because Peter was making me drool in that damned coat. And I have computer wallpaper of the Olivias, and between a suit and the cargo pants, the latter are sexaaay!

Sean: It’s their staple outfits. Peter without a Pea coat is like Superman without a cape.

Nick: I have a total man=crush on Peter when he has his pea coat on. Only awesome people can rock the cargo pants and Fauxlivia’s pretty awesome.

Carissa Pavlica is the managing editor and a staff writer and critic for TV Fanatic. She's a member of the Critic's Choice Association, enjoys mentoring writers, cats, and passionately discussing the nuances of television and film. Follow her on Twitter and email her here at TV Fanatic.

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