Fringe Review: Be A Better Man Than Your Father

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Holy cow - how do you discuss perfection? How do you come to terms with the fact that what you just watched was not the season finale, and that you have to wait an entire week to see more? I honestly don't know.

I am dumbfounded at what I witnessed during this hour of Fringe.

I was trying to think of the last time I felt this way when watching an episode of television, and the season finale of Six Feet Under came to mind. That was epic television, and we still have the season three finale of Fringe to fall upon us, and at least another season ahead.

The possibilities are astounding.

Please bear with me as I try to discuss what I considered to be as close to entertainment excellence as I have ever witnessed.

I loved the the usage of The Doors, "Riders On The Storm," which not only cost them big money (Robby Krieger? Are you a fan?!), but was an excellent choice of music to take us into the path of destruction caused by the activation of the machine.

The hair on MY arms was literally standing on edge and as my boyfriend said, "wow, that just sucked me right in..." Good job Fringe!! Smart move "stranger Dad," with the quick reversal of your car and your fortune. Color me impressed all around.

Watching the credits, with last names like Wyman, Orci and Pinkner, who share actively on Twitter is just downright exciting. It brings me right into the heart of the show. I don't know if they realize the power of communicating with us like they do, but I feel like I am truly a part of what I am watching

How long has #Fringe been showing in the corner, above the network icon? How utterly thrilling. The power of the people!

It's VERY cool that we finally know the deal with Sam Weiss. He's not some frightening, mystical man but merely possessing generations of knowledge. I say merely like it is a small thing

Frankly, my own family hasn't managed to adequately pass down a potato salad recipe, so when I think of what it must be like to be a part of a family that possesses generations of knowledge, I am aghast and flat out jealous.

They way Peter awoke and walked out onto the balcony of the hospital was excellent. Not only did he look stunning in his pea coat as always, but the way they framed him in the doorway as the lightening crashed down around him was magnetic. It was truly beautiful and thoughtful cinematography.

"The Last Sam Weiss" was laugh out loud funny. From Walter's surprise at finding the traditional fruit cocktail to Sam flipping out his museum membership card as identification at the site of "the key," I was openly giggling.

Laughing out loud was followed by a tightening in my chest when Walter shared with Olivia his thoughts abut his own mind and hers. We saw his true regard for Olivia as he spoke to her. Both John Noble and Anna Torv literally made my heart ache as they brought that moment to life

This is what then popped into my head - what an incredible shame that more people have not embraced and witnessed the strength and growth of Fringe. They have no idea what they are missing.

Did ANYONE see the "crowbar" coming? Again with the fate, as Peter and Olivia were both drawn directly into the plans of the machine. We were also lead to understand how Olivia's telekinesis would come into play. Another brilliant throwback to a past episode, "Ability," from the first season

There is no doubt those wonderful folks mentioned above (and others) know this story inside out. Their competence in tying so many episodes together is uncanny and it is what makes Fringe such a powerful force to the horde of fanatic viewers.

When Peter awoke, I thought that he might have been on the other side. Or that he would be transported there during the cab ride. The actuality of what occurred, Peter's confusion of his place and time was another WOW moment.

Do you know that in the thesaurus, there is really no word that can replace WOW? It made me feel better to realize that, yet also very inadequate in my capabilities to convey how I felt while watching. Though not on quite the same level, I understood how Olivia felt sitting in front of that typewriter.

There was so much feeling conveyed in this episode, such sensational drama. Peter not only proved himself a better a person than his father, he was absolutely heroic. And, so very lucky to have been raised by our Walter. Only his relationships with Walter and Olivia could have prepared him to become the man the world needed as it's savior.

As I watched the final scene (and, I admit, the trailer for next week), I sat with my mouth hanging open, my left hand over my mouth and uttered "Oh my God."


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I agree with your comments . This has to be the best show on tv. Why more people are not watching it is beyond me.
I just don't know what to expect next. I first thougth that Peter was on the other side, then I thought he had traveled thru time when he was in the cab. The fact that Olivia can control the machine was out of left field. it is so exciting.
The previews for next week Peter travels 15 years in the future, Walter is in chains, Olivia is alive but what is the picture on the fridge ? It is going to be a long week.


@Temptationwaits Yeah i get ur point. I dint say they owned the plot lines. i just pointed out the similarities between three of my fav shows and i love that those similarities are there.


PrincessD, you are aware that time travel isn't just a Lost and Alias thing? You know just because a popular show deals with a common plot point like time travel that doesn't mean that those shows OWN those plot points. I wish people would stop with this Lost/Dollhouse/Alias comparisons since every single movie in exist has done time travel in some form.


Best sci-fi show ever!
Who needs vampires or aliens when there's Fringe science & dual universes!


DEFINITELY did not see the "crowbar" coming..!! and i too was saddened he didn't return the i love you, but i loved the flashbacks of this time with olivia...and omg - the future?? fringe i love more than i ever thought i could! lol i can't wait for next week!!!


This episode was beyond amazing.
Although some aspects of the episode reminded me of LOST and Alias. As in time-travel? Waking up in the future married...(like Sydney, after season 2 wakes up in Hong Kong and finds out that Vaughn is married).
But this is Fringe and i totally like that sometimes it reminds me of my other two favorite shows.
The only thing disappointing was that when Olivia told Peter that she loves him, he did not say it back! But then those flashbacks of memories (a la LOST) had me convinced that Peter does indeed love Olivia (otherwise he wouldn't be thinking of their time spent together...right?). But then again it could be just to show the contrast between the past and the future(last scene), ie IF that is the future.
We never really know what is going on in Fringe, everything has a hidden element, a special ability or a different meaning and things may take the turn for the worst just when its getting better...that's why i love Fringe and that's why i am encouraging my friends to watch it from the beginning on DVD. So glad that its gonna be back for a new season.
I can't IMAGINE what's gonna happen in the season finale. All that i can say is that its gonna be more than just epic...its gonna be LEGENDARY.


I, too, feel sorry for those who have not found this wonderful show. I get so excited every week for this show. I have never watched a TV show before that had me this "into' the characters and storyline. My heart was pounding at the end. I can't wait 'till next week, but it will be a looong wait for the next season. Well done, writers!!!


@ katiej.. hmmm I missed the wedding ring at the end. I'm gonna have to watch this again.. hehe.. AWESOME episode is all I have to say! I cannot wait till next season and this one isn't even over yet.


Great episode!! Can't wail 'til next week. So, as we heard before, someone is going to die in the season finale. But if the finale is set 15 years into the future (as the trailer for next week stated), that could mean, this person will still be in season 3, right?? Again, can't wait...


Wow is right. Thank God Fox Renewed "Fringe" for another season! Can you imagine this brilliant light being snuffed out after one more episode?? Good move, Fox!

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