Chuck Round Table: "Chuck Versus the Family Volkoff"

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With the return of Chuck came the return of Alexei Volkhoff and, of course, the adoration of our critic.  Now joining Dan are his faithful sidekicks to dissect "Chuck Versus the Family Volkoff!"

And by dissect, we, of course, mean discuss which game we'd gamble our lives on and other nonsense in our weekly Round Table:

1. Favorite Chuck quotes of the evening?

Dan F: Volkoff: It's true. I cut in front of William in the cafeteria line.

Dr. Toboggan: Elias "Pick a game: dice, roulette, cards. You win the tracker is yours. I win, you die.  Chuck: "Do you have UNO?

Eric H: In light of HBO bringing the incredible Game of Thrones to life in just FOUR days, I have to give it to show's cute nod to the show.  "You don't give your kids direwolves." God I love you and your nerd references, Chuck.

Chuck RT New!

2. Chuck had UNO. Volkhoff had Chess.   Now pick your game to gamble your life on!

Dan F: I  could go with Battleship or Twister like my good friends Bill and Ted, but I think I'd have to say BINGO. It's all luck, so that would probably be my best bet.

Dr. Toboggan: I would definitely go with risk. The game takes 24 hours anyway so I can work on escaping plus I don't think there's a better game out there.

Eric H: War. It's not just a game in Vegas Vacation. I've been playing it a lot at my local casino (Seminole Hard Rock for my local South Floridians!) and it appears you can't lose! (More research pending)

3. Couple with stronger chemistry: Charah or Morgan/Casey?  Bonus points if you given Morgan / Casey a couple nickname in your response:

Dan F: Oh Morsey has some of the best chemistry on tv, it's just sad that they didn't get to show it that much last night. Their living situation is turning out better than anyone could have expected.  Bonus Point

Dr. Toboggan: Yea I have to agree with Dan. I was going to call them Mosey but the two of them have better chemistry than any other couple and can carry the shows comedy by themselves.

Eric H: Come on guys, clearly it's Corgan. And we all know I 'ship any couple that can drink their orange juice in unison.

4. Thoughts on Vivian's fast descent into evil and backstabbing her father?

Dan F: Like I noted in my review, it was extremely rushed. I know we haven't seen her for a couple of episodes, but when someone changes that drastically, it makes more sense to allow the audience to watch the transition happen.  The only thing that can save the story line is if Vivian ends up being a triple agent.

Dr. Toboggan: Again, I agree with Dan.  It felt rushed and predicted. I guess to defend the show, if you're going to do something so predictable, it's better not to drag it out but it certainly happened pretty quickly.

Eric H: Duh.  It's obviously 'cause she's faking it and is a triple agent.  Even in the Chuck universe no one changes that quickly with little to no explanation.

5. Thoughts on Mary's return and the Agent-X story line?

Dan F: I was surprisingly pleased to see Mary back this week, as I've mentioned how much I dislike the character before.  I think it was because she pointed out to Ellie that she is a spy and can be doing more than babysitting.  On the opposite end of the spectrum from the Vivian story, I think the Ellie stuff is moving too slowly.  They need to find a happy medium between throwing stuff in our face and dragging things out.  I really would have been happy if Chuck told her the truth right then and there at episode's end.

Dr. Toboggan: I liked having her back. I think it is going to make the Ellie storyline more exciting and I am interested in seeing how she fits into everything as he season winds down.

Eric H: Agreed that it's always nice to see Sarah Connor return.  But this Agent-X storyline?  Yawn.  Even for Chuck standards, this is a sloooow arc. Or maybe it was just that two week hiatus. Either way, bring on Agent-X already!!

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