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I don't care how many TV On My Terms articles Jeffrey Kirkpatrick writes speaking ill of Chuck, a good way of getting things back on track is to have an episode featuring Sarah's daddy issues, and guest starring Gary Cole.

In his most recent commentary, my colleage Mr. Kirkpatrick mentioned that "Even some of the most diehard Chuck fans begrudgingly admit its not as good as it was two seasons ago." I sadly have to agree with his assertion.  I am a die hard fan, but over the course of this season Chuck has lost a bit of its luster.

Sarah's Father Returns

Did "Chuck Versus the Wedding Planner" change that entirely? No, but it was a fun episode, if not the rebirth of quality story telling on Chuck. Sarah's problems with her father, which lead to dramatic scenes by Yvonne Strahovski, are certainly always some of the best stories on the series.

So before we take a look at how the Chuck Triple Threat played out this week, give somebody a "spy high five."

No one character carried the load, as almost everyone got in on the action.  Let's start with the bearded one, who coined the new phrase "spy high five" after Sarah knocked out one of the Klug brothers. Morgan also tore it up with his statement that the wedding invitations looked Socialist, and slid in the fact that he's been doing Casey's laundry for good measure.

Let us move along to the fantastic sequence of events that occurred as Chuck and Sarah succeeded in convincing Beckman that their wedding planner was a person of interest.  After Chuck fails miserably at recreating his flash face, Sarah has me grossed out yet slapping my knee with her impression of the face.  Then when telling Beckman about Daphne Peralta, neither of them could act to save their lives.  What?!?  Isn't acting something they do on the job all the time?  I understand Chuck might still be mediocre at it, but Sarah should be a pro.  And it all concluded with the General kicking the mission up a notch and getting every agency in the U.S. involved.  Boy, that escalated quickly!

Add Awesome challenging Jack to a race with baby Clara on his chest, and Jack getting weirded out by all of Chuck's video game and comic book stuff in the apartment, and this was a pretty funny episode by all accounts.

There wasn't a whole lot of action, but we got to see Casey shoot Daphne with a giant net and Sarah take out a bunch of Klugs with a dinner plate.  Then there was the parking garage scene.  Just oozing with tension, it was great to see Jack Burton save the day as he talked Father Klug out of putting a bullet in poor Morgan's bearded head.  Which brings us to...

There were two really good, heartfelt story lines here.  While Casey's got pushed more to the background of "Chuck Versus the Wedding Planner," it was just as emotional as Sarah's.  Casey having to deal with Alex's mother Kathleen has been something that has been building up a lot recently, and it didn't disappoint here.

Kathleen being so disappointed that Casey left her for a part time security gig and moonlighting at the Buy More, made it that much better when she saw him in action as Colonel John Casey: NSA.  What kind of relationship will Casey, Kathleeen, and Alex have now that everything is out in the open?  All I know is that it better not disrupt Casey and Morgan's laundry and breakfast situation!

Then there was the main event.  Our main man Jack Burton, who is so brilliantly played by Gary Cole, has returned to help Sarah and Team Bartowski get revenge on Daphne and eventually take down the Klugs.  We all know how difficult the relationship between Sarah and her father has been, but he is always so sweet to her.

The flashback scenes of Sarah idolizing her father were so nice to see, because they prove that at one point she loved him so very much.  And as he asked her to dance at that wedding, and then left her that special piggy bank full of money, it was obvious that she still loves him just as much.

Moving Forward
When this Bartowski/Walker wedding actually does happen, Jack Burton better be there to walk Ms. Walker down the aisle.  I don't care if he never shows up for her, he better this time.  If Mama Bartowski can settle down and be a grandma, Jack Burton can show up to one important event in Sarah's life.

Not earth shattering, but it was a fun episode of Chuck this week.  I'm not sure which I enjoyed more, the presence of Gary Cole as Jack Burton, or the lack of Vivian Volkoff.  What did you all think of "Chuck Versus the Wedding Planner?"  Sound off in the comments.

Chuck Versus the Wedding Planner Review

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