Castle Review: "Slice of Death"

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Winner, Winner, Pizza Dinner!

Going into "Slice of Death," I knew this was going to be a classic Castle episode. Sure enough, it delivered.

The installment focused on a reporter doing a piece on the pizza wars between rival shops. Witty one liners, perfect comedic timing, and Alexis cursing made the hour extremely enjoyable.

Slice of Death Scene

Usually the twists and turns deal with who the perp is; but this episode threw us viewers in an entirely different direction.

It wasn't so much about who did it, but how and why this was all connected. The plot of the pizza wars just turned out to be an unexpected bonus.

Alexis took a couple steps forward, getting involved in an actual storyline. Like a normal teenager; she was fighting with a friend, crashed a party, and got into a fight.

But in typical Alexis fashion, she decided to work her problems out the mature way. Her troubles led to some of my favorite moments of the night; one on one time with Dad.

Seeing Castle outside of the clever writer persona is always a plus. His fatherly moments were on point, taking Alexis' side in the name calling asking if his little girl had won the fight.

The series has been on quite a roll this season, especially by bringing the simple fun back after the tension filled two-parter a few episodes back. Could this be the best season yet?

Overall, "Slice of Death" was another awesome episode for Castle. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Did the hour entertain or did it fail to deliver? Sound off now!


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I thought it was a fun episode, well written and acted. There were good twists and turns in the plot and I enjoyed both how the Castle/Beckett and Castle/Alexis scenes were done. I guessed who Carvallo was when the real estate woman was attacked but the episode still kept my attention till the end. Definitely better than Hawaii 5-0 or Harry's Law.


Great show! We don't need 'the chemistry thing' every week between Castle and Beckett. And anyway, you can see it in their eyes when they look at each other. Loved the storyline last night. Loved the interaction between Castle and his daughter, Alexis. Keep 'em coming, ABC!


this show just gets better and better. LOVE ALL the characters so hoping the writers do not fall into what most shows do and kill off some one we all have come to care about as the ensemble cast is just great as is.Really enjoy the dad/ daughter moments . Just read an interview with Nathan Fillon and he is definitely one of the GOOD guys!!!

Frank lee meidere

Yes, good episode, and wonderful film noire references, but for crying out loud, The Usual Suspects was never once referenced, yet the entire plot was a complete parallel, right down to the real mastermind walking out of the police station -- although unlike Kevin Spacey, Liz Vassey only made it to the elevator. And how cool was it to see CSI's Wendy being such a bad girl?


By the way, great comment Rick !


I make a pizza after the show. What more I can say !


Loved the noir episode and the pizza looked great. It was fresh basil and ? As for the lack of C-Beck moments. I thought it was great when his advice to Alexis had come out of Beckett's mouth. Writers and producers keep it up and keep up the whole team chemistry thing. I have stopped watching some other shows when they get rid of characters because the whole show changes and I love this one just the way it is.


Loved the noir references, and the fact of the 'femme fatale.' This is such a great brew of a show and I'm in the camp that it is the best thing on Monday night right now. Five-Oh on the other hand, has become just about unwatchable, with it's forced 'buddy' cop humor and the abosolute waste of Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim. Castle spreads it's wealth around - last week it was Martha, this week it was Alexis with the significant sub-plot. I don't know why anyone would complain about the now-effortless rapport between Beckett and Castle, and the overall solid acting by the two actors. Stana Katic in particular has warmed her character up while still keeping that tough-lady-cop image intact. Nathan Fillion continues to show the rest of prime time how playing the namesake character is done. He can turn the warmth on one minute and delivers the humor right on target (Take a lesson there, Dan-O). It is one of the can't miss shows in my weekly lineup.


The story wasn't bad and the Alexis story was OK but where did the Castle / Beckett chemistry go? That's why I tune in and I was bored because there wasn't any here.


one of the best it was funny and serious best part when alexis called her friend a bitch then castle did the same.

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