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This week's episode of Bones treated us to a new cast of quirky characters, serving as a pilot for a spinoff show aptly titled, "The Finder."

While I was expecting nothing less than a B&B minimized episode, Walter, Leo and Ike stepped up to the challenge of integrating into a mix of already established characters without stepping on any toes.

Geoff Stults on Bones

While Booth's vehemence towards Walter isn't resolved until the end of the episode, their initial sparring was rather disconcerting. I do give them credit, however, for giving Walter an interesting introduction, as we first find this new character contemplating the philosophical distinction between ninjas and samurais.

I appreciate Leo's textbook-like reference to the law on multiple occasions throughout the episode, as well as his reference to a religion which apparently values gifts like those Walter possesses. Of Ike, I have to say that her accent was slightly distracting and often hard for me to understand, and her particular place within the group remained largely unresolved for me, except that she's a pilot doubling as a bartender.

Which brings me to my next point: do they really work/hang out at a bar with no customers? How do they financially support their business, or do they rely solely on FBI consultant fees? Technical concerns, but certainly ones that could be resolved if "The Finder" does, in fact, find a home of its own in primetime.

I also wondered about Walter's sudden enchantment with Brittany Stevenson. He goes to investigate her, ends up kissing her, and then ends up on a hunt for her killer as if they had been star-crossed lovers. I didn't particularly agree with how that storyline was delved into without any pretext, yet I suppose for a pilot truncated plots are par for the course.

If there was one thing I was hoping they would have gone left out of this episode was Walter's stripping down to investigate the dead man's apartment. I recognize that this is perhaps some kind of insight into his "process," but I certainly could have done without the emphasis on the time he spent on the commode. It was sufficiently awkward and when he flushed on the phone with Brennan I about died.

I also don't understand how any of the things he did in the house demonstrated his ability to find things. He surmised depression, torture and a terminal illness by parading around in boxers. I don't think I get the connection.

What I'm still having trouble grasping is what the point of this episode actually was. With all the introductions and personality quirks I can't even remember what the real importance of the original set of remains really was. Body, treasure map, latitude and longitude and Leo and Ike dropping off the murderous curator in a crate; that's all I remember related to the case.

Now That's Teamwork

What I do distinctly remember is Walter's recovery of Brennan's Seventh Grade Science Fair medal, and the newspaper clipping featuring a picture of her and her mother. It was a nice moment for Brennan, and it was obvious that Walter was sweet on Brennan a little bit. Go figure he would be attracted to someone Booth was also attracted to! Also, it was the first time in a long time we've seen Brennan genuinely emotive for quite a while. It was brief, yet refreshing.

Same goes for Booth, whose story about skipping off base to be at Parker's birth was a nice insight not only into his relationship with Walter, but also with his son. Booth has always been a family man, but it's always nice to discover another story. It reminds us that even while we're meeting new characters, there's still so much to learn about the ones we've grown to love over the course of six seasons.

Also, who enjoyed the print of Hart Hanson on Walter's oxygen tank just before the dive? If you missed it, go back and watch again. If you're on Twitter and follow Hanson, you'll know it when you see it.

All in all, I might take a chance on "The Finder," but I certainly missed the Jeffersonian team.

So, was the spinoff-pilot a success, or were you upset that B&B and the Jeffersonian team took a little break this week? Would you watch "The Finder" if he had his own show?

Sound off on last night's Bones below!


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I would definantly watch this spinoff show and by the way, they have peoples in the bar at the end and i like it's different from Bone...


ok, since when was it Kosher to "test" a new show in the middle of a show? It was confusing and frustrating. Seemed like the cast took a vacay and plugged in a bad version of burn notice to shoot some scenes. Also, why oh why did we need the producer's face on his scuba tank. That was the most blatant and annoying personal shout out. It wasn't even remotely funny (in my humble) and why oh why does bones need to get so sentimental with a stranger. oy! pls turn this ship around.

Frank lee meidere

Dumb. Really dumb. The Finder, on its own, might make for a good series, although I'm not sure I'd watch it other than occasionally. But cramming it into a Bones episode? What frickin' connection is there? The whole thing seemed completely forced. There were so many things wrong I just don't have time to list them all. Beside, most of them have already been pointed out by other commenters. But crikey, what a stupid idea.


I hated it too. It was not at all like Bones. Why can't it be gracefully ended and a new series started without connecting it to Bones.
I agree. It's another Psyche or Mentalist or the Hamptons show. It's sad that it turned out this way.


I'm not an obsessive "bones" watcher. I was one, but after last year and the first half of this year, with all the backbends and convuluted actions to create reasons why Bones and Booth can't be together (wink wink)I felt jerked around so I quit watching for about 3 months. Because unlike many of you good folks, I don't trust the Director. So I decided to give it a try again last night.
First off, I get a backdoor pilot. I just don't appreciate it. Frankly, I would have liked the pilot a lot more if it hadn't been jammed into a Bones. The abbreviated time did neither series any real favors. As for the new series, I think the actor who plays Walter is great, The actor who plays the legal advisor is fantastic. Love Trejo as a bishop. The only truly jarring note for me (other then the fact that it was jammed into Bones) was the actress who played Ike. Her performance felt forced, I don't understand her role. Is she the caring ex girlfriend? The Plucky tomboy? She runs a bar with no patrons except her two friends and she has an expensive plane, she speaks with a really awkward accent and other then that there is no real depth to the role.
My husband kept say, they're trying to do some kind of Burn Notice here. Except Fiona is a fully realized character. Ike isn't.
Also...on the Bones end, something really bothered me. I felt they manufactured a pretend reason for Booth to hate Walter to up the potential sexual chemistry/jealousy of a potential love triangle (although frankly I think that ship has sailed a LONG time ago. Bones and Booth act like brother and sister now). The writers have Booth telling Bones at the end this supposedly touching story about how in order to be at his sons birth he went AWOL. Wait. A. Minute. Booth...who is this highly decorated soldier with such a perfect record they insisted he come back for a year out of the blue, he went AWOL? That would ruin a man's record in the military. I have a lot of close relatives in the military and believe me that would derail a mans career. That just threw me right there. I've been watching this show for years and there has been nothing about Booth ever going AWOL has there? That is huge. AND wrong. It just felt wrong. So now he might feel a little more nice towards Walter because he actually might have waited until he was with his son before he arrested him? It was terrible writing. AM I the only person who was horrified by that?
I'll watch The Finder. It was oddly quirky and potentially fun. Walter can take his pants off in an episode any time. But the show has to find some kind of reason for being. Ike needs some kind of backstory. The legal advisor needs to be more then a bad ass, poet lawyer, and Walter needs to be more the a paranoid ex vet who finds things. Other wise the lack of bottom will show and all the cute quirkiness in the world won't hold it together.


didn't care for it.doubt if I would ever watch it. not that interesting.


I really did like it. I thought it was very funny and very different from Bones which I believe is a great thing. I would definitely watch The Finder.


Did not like it at all! Thought the toilet scene was gross, the stripping was just gratuitous, and couldn't understand Ike. The plot was really weak-- I don't know what all the hype going into this was. Agree that other poster that the Finder was able to find a 7th grade science medal was just ridiculous. All that said, the concept of having a brain-injured vet possessing unique "esp" skills is really intriguing and if the plot had been really sound, a good series might be possible. But as it was, the actors were glib, the plot was transparent. It was a shame to piggyback this on Bones.


I think the toilet scene was to emphasize how different him and Bones were. She's very proper and obviously he has few boundries. The whole taking the clothes off was to show that he's not using science. He's trying to connect with the deceased's energy and by removing anything that could come between him and that energy he can make a better connection- besides- it a hot guy walking around half naked. Hell yeah. :) And the thing with the girl is to show how emotional he is. He connects quickly to people and believes in love at first sitght- this is a contrast to Bones, who is very emotionally shut off. I'm excited to see if they keep the finders in with Bones- and to see what happens with the love triangle.


The cast for that show would be awesome, Michael Clarke Duncan as a peaceful bad ass and Danny Trejo as a possible reaccuring character. I would definantly watch this show all the time 2 of my favorite actors for sure.

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