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I liked it...but I am getting frustrated with how, almost autistic they are making Brennan. She used to have a personality, but now she is practically a robot.


What is wrong with Cam's hair? I really don't like it. Really ugly! That kind of sci-fi look doesn't fit her!


I think the writers either believe that we viewers have forgotten that Sweets helped Daisy cheat to pass a test a few episodes back, or else that the writers themselves forgot, on top of the rest of the pile of bad plot devices they have used this season. His intolerance of Cam's cheating to get her daughter into Columbia screamed "hypocrite" to me. I have no complaints about the actor, but I certainly loathe Sweets. And they just gave me another reason.

Brennan's delight at visiting the body farm was in character -- it made me wonder how comfortable Boreanaz was. According to what they have said in the commentaries on various episodes in previous years, he fears water, mud, and getting dirty (amongst other things). That location was a mess. (After a flood for the story, it made sense. Nevertheless ...)

I would have liked to see Hodgins dissect one of those insects to get the stomach contents. That would have been fascinating. I suppose it would not have furthered the plot, but it would have been illuminating. Instead, we just got the statement as to what he found.

Angela's baby bump is showing. Didn't they say that baby would be born yet this season? I agree that Hodgins's disapproving look was a high point of the episode.

On the whole, the episode is better than the earlier ones this season, but not as good as those in previous years. They are not back yet. It still does not feel right. On the upside, no Daisy.

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