Bones Review: "The Feet on the Beach"

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After an exceptionally long three weeks, Bones finally returned with an all-new episode entitled, "The Feet on the Beach." The premise largely focused around a Body Farm and jealous PHD candidates, and the episode left a little to be desired in terms of plot, but it cashed big returns in heart.

I never thought I would see the day when Temperance Brennan issued a semi-public apology, at least to anyone who wasn’t Booth. Then again, at the Founding Fathers she made sure to distinguish between the greek derivative of the word “apology” and replaced it with “contrite.”

Either way, Brennan’s concession to Dr. Filmore that he was gifted managed to heal his minor disability, which I reveled in.

Dead as a ...

I have to say, I found it interesting that they brought in both a jurisdictional issue and a quirky Canadian character into the mix this week, and that he made a huge contribution to the investigative process.

I suppose if Dr. Filmore hadn’t made such instrumental contributions then he wouldn’t have been worthy of Brennan’s genuine apology, which, at least for me, really made the episode.

The car scene when Booth plainly told Brennan that she had to apologize to Filmore because he knew what kind of “person she was” was a favorite moment of mine. Brennan definitely took it to heart, and it’s definitely nice to see them becoming tight again.

The Blackout in the Blizzard” was a good episode for them, so the small follow-up moment of honesty this week was nice. I’m starting to remember what they were like in the old days.

Perhaps my favorite moment of the night was Brennan at the Body Farm. You would have thought she was at opening night of the carnival. I have never seen anyone so pleased to see so many decomposing dead bodies. Then again, I also don’t find myself around them very often.

Something tells me that she would be perfectly happy …

At the Body Farm

It was also refreshing to see Michelle back in the mix. Her college story has been AWOL since last Fall, so to discover that she had no chance of applying to another college and that her relationship with her boyfriend was in shambles, I was wondering if Cam would have gotten away with her minor deception. For a minute the audience almost did too, yet Michelle was willing to shoulder the consequences with an optimistic plan to apply to Columbia on her own in a year. Surprising, but good to see that her and Cam’s relationship is in such good shape.

Another memorable moment was Hodgins “disapproving look.” Very entertaining moment, and it conveyed exactly what he wanted it too, and Cam could feel the censure.

Sweets also made more appearances than usual in the service of helping Dr. Filmore and Dr. Brennan reconcile their differences, as well as consult Cam on her admissions problem. Love when he can get a word in and facilitate reconciliation. Except for his success caused him to smack Dr. Filmore in the face with a plastic dish. Not exactly helpful, but did prove that his arm had “healed.”

Overall, pretty solid return after a very lonely three weeks.

What did everyone else think of this episode of Bones?


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I liked it...but I am getting frustrated with how, almost autistic they are making Brennan. She used to have a personality, but now she is practically a robot.


What is wrong with Cam's hair? I really don't like it. Really ugly! That kind of sci-fi look doesn't fit her!

Sue ann

I think the writers either believe that we viewers have forgotten that Sweets helped Daisy cheat to pass a test a few episodes back, or else that the writers themselves forgot, on top of the rest of the pile of bad plot devices they have used this season. His intolerance of Cam's cheating to get her daughter into Columbia screamed "hypocrite" to me. I have no complaints about the actor, but I certainly loathe Sweets. And they just gave me another reason. Brennan's delight at visiting the body farm was in character -- it made me wonder how comfortable Boreanaz was. According to what they have said in the commentaries on various episodes in previous years, he fears water, mud, and getting dirty (amongst other things). That location was a mess. (After a flood for the story, it made sense. Nevertheless ...) I would have liked to see Hodgins dissect one of those insects to get the stomach contents. That would have been fascinating. I suppose it would not have furthered the plot, but it would have been illuminating. Instead, we just got the statement as to what he found. Angela's baby bump is showing. Didn't they say that baby would be born yet this season? I agree that Hodgins's disapproving look was a high point of the episode. On the whole, the episode is better than the earlier ones this season, but not as good as those in previous years. They are not back yet. It still does not feel right. On the upside, no Daisy.

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Bones Season 6 Episode 17 Quotes

Booth: Wouldn't you like to be normal person like the rest of us who doesn't paralyze people?
Brennan : People who tell the truth have always endured scrutiny for their's my duty.

Booth [to Brennan]: What makes us human bones is that we can feel compassion and regret.
Brennan: I can tell this is really important to you, why?
Booth: Because I know what kind of person you are, and I think it's time you let other people in on your little secret.