A.J. Cook: Possibly Returning to Criminal Minds Full-Time!

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After her unceremonious and dubious departure earlier this season, A.J. Cook is in talks to return to Criminal Minds this fall as a full-time series regular.

Cook, left the cast of Criminal Minds at the end of last season when her option was not picked up by CBS, sparking outcry among the show's loyal fans.

She then appeared in the first two episodes of this season to give closure to JJ, her character, who was transferred from the BAU to a job at the Pentagon.

Cook also appeared in Paget Brewster's (also the subject of contract controversy) final episode in March. But it looks like A.J. may be coming back to stay ...

A.J. Cook on Criminal Minds

BRINGING BACK J.J.? If CBS execs know what's good for them, they won't make the same mistake twice and let Cook - a "glue" character on CM - get away a second time.

As for Brewster, she is filming a comedy pilot for NBC, My Life As an Experiment, and will continue with that if it gets picked up. But if it doesn’t, she could be back too.

CBS has an option on Brewster for Criminal Minds and, if it exercises it as many expect, the network would reunite the whole cast, just as it was at last season's end.

Meanwhile, Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore are still not signed for next season, but talks are underway with the actors, whose deals are up at the end of this cycle.

Suffice it to say, these surprising developments, especially Cook’s potential return to the hit procedural, do not bode well for newly-minted regular Rachel Nichols.

On an unrelated note, executive producer Ed Bernero, who has run the show from the star, is leaving and will be replaced by co-executive producer Erica Messer.

What do you think of the surprise possibility of A.J.'s return? Discuss below.

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yay please bring back JJ! and figure out how to write prentiss in....and ya seaver can suck it. seriously though it isn't the same without JJ and i'll miss emily soooo much!


lol srry one more thing, u know that gut feeling when right away u realize you hate someone...? i get that everytime i see nicohle


omg sooooooooooooooo excited i wuz so happy in the episode where she said she was coming back i actually cried i would have screamed but i was too much in shock my heart is still thumping like i just won the lottery (lol i kept telling my parents if i won the lottery id buy cbs and get aj cook back) i am so excited i cant even put it in words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cbs finaly noticed how much their reviews dropped and all the continuous emails they were getting along with the folders and lipsticks. soo happy i could die! :)


The worst thing they did was get rid of AJ Cook. The show's characters lacked depth & emotion. Rachel Nichols can't act & never should have been brought in. Her expressions are always identical & it's like she's reading her lines by rote!


Hate seaver, get her off the show is what i yell at my tv everytime she is on, bring back Emily and JJ, the cast is amazing together, this season seemed to be missing something the whole season, oh yea IT WAS JJ, SEAVER'S GOTTA GO, EMILY AND JJ MUST RETURN


i love aj cook i'm glad she's coming back and i hope paget Brewester she


Great news, bring her back!!!


From what I hear she going to spilt up the team


Bring JJ back!!! i love that character!!! she indeed was the "glue"!!!! Bring JJ back!!!Bring JJ back!!!Bring JJ back!!!Bring JJ back!!!Bring JJ back!!!Bring JJ back!!!Bring JJ back!!!Bring JJ back!!!Bring JJ back!!!Bring JJ back!!!Bring JJ back!!!Bring JJ back!!!Bring JJ back!!!Bring JJ back!!!Bring JJ back!!!


This has been my favorite series since its inception. They have ruined the chemistry of the BAU without JJ & Emily. As good as the last episodes with Emily were the storyline with Emily being an undercover terrorist was so bizarre considering her introduction into the team.
I hope the rumors of a JJ (& hopefully Prentiss, too) return are true because I thoroughly enjoy the reruns of past seasons far better than this year!
AJ Cook and her character held this group together and I hope the powers that be learned a lesson! What is that old adage ???? Don't fix things that ain't broke!!!!!

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