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Who is Getting Engaged on The Big Bang Theory?

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It's been off the air for a couple weeks, but The Big Bang Theory will soon return with... a big question.

Producer Bill Prady says a male character will pop the most important question of them all on April 7 and "the couple will probably eventually get married." Can Prady offer up any other teases? You bet. In regard to various pairings, he told TV Guide...

Howard and Bernadette

Leonard/Priya: "Leonard joining the Koothrappali family would affect a lot of relationships in an interesting way."

Sheldon/Amy: "Sheldon feels his one and only true love is science. So this would represent a paradigm shift in our cognitive appreciation of the universe."

Howard/Bernadette: "Howard's a mama's boy, but he has always wanted to be a husband and dad... You would never think he would be the first. If that happens, it will probably get screwed up."

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I think it will be Penny and Lenard. Woot woot!!!


The only thing is sure : It's not Leonard/Priya and Sheldon/Amy... Just because Sheldon and Leonard HAVE TO live together for the show to work!


Sheldon and Amy would be hysterical, but they would have a totally logical reason for doing such a thing. Howard and Bernadette is the likely couple. Leonard and Priya would be a mistake. Penny and one of her hunks-of-the-day would be a stitch, but she would have to be very drunk. She is not that kind of dumb. Raj is very unlikely; the premise would have to be so far-fetched that I can't even think of it. As the show has been renewed for so many years, Leonard and Penny won't likely be getting together again any time soon.


i think there will be a big twist and it will be raj and bernadette.


Howard and Bernie: it would make the most sense. They r a gud couple and howard needs to get out of his mothers house! The whole christian/ jewish wedding would be hillarious and he would make sum funny screw ups.
Leonard and Priya is unlikely but plausible in that leonard likes to jump the gun and is extremely clueless when it comes to woman so he mite think it is a romantic gesture. I hope not. Leonard and Penny are the modern day Ross and Rachel. They will end up together eventually.


Howard/Bernadette. But Sheldon/Amy getting married for some scientific purpose would be funny to see!


Howard and Bernadette. Will we finally meet Howards mom? Of course the tension with Leonard and Penny might be interesting if he pops the question to Priya.


Probably Howard and Bernadette, although Sheldon and Amy would be a hoot. It would be too upsetting to Penny to have Leonard marry someone else, but the tension might make the show.


Iam thinking its Howard and Bernadette that will get engaged


howard and bernadette I think they are more serious than they let on and she is gonna change his mama boy ways

TBBT Quotes

Sheldon: I recently read that during World War Two, Joseph Stalin had a research program to create supersoldiers by having women impregnated by gorillas.
Howard: What a sick use of science.
Raj: Hey, as long as the baby's healthy.
Amy: I wonder if Stalin considered any other animals.
Leonard: Hippos are the deadliest creature. A half-human, half-hippo soldier would be pretty badass.
Howard: Yes, but when they're hungry-hungry, you can stop them with marbles.
Sheldon: Yeah, the correct animal for interspecies supersolider is koala. You would wind up with an army so cute it couldn't be attacked.

As soon as we get home, I want to have coitus with Amy. Okay, she can't hear.