Welcome, Ray! Cote de Pablo Previews Arrival of Ziva's Boyfriend

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Enrique Murciano debuts on the April 5 episode of NCIS as the character viewers have been clamoring to meet: Ziva's CIA boyfriend, Ray.

What can we expect when he stops by? Cote de Pablo tells Entertainment Weekly there will be a special candlelight dinner and...

"There’s kissing involved. We kept it light and we kept it fun, and we kept it like two people who are genuinely in to each other and wanting to move things along. It’s about what’s going on between the lines. These two people are touchy-feely, and that’s different for Ziva.”

Enrique Murciano on NCIS

Of course, this won't be a drama-free reunion for the couple.

"[Ziva] discovers that he has a little secret that he hasn’t told her that has to do with the port-to-port killer case," de Pablo says. "It throws everything up in the air, and it causes a lot of friction between them and a big blow out."

Tony won't react well to the presence of Ray, the actress teases, warning of a "really interesting scene in the bathroom."

But enough about next week. We know what many fans want: NCIS season finale details! Sorry, de Pablo has few. She can only guess the following:

“We know that it has something to do with the port-to-port killer. We know that something awful is gonna go down, like always. And we’re all deathly terrified."


I agree - EJ be GONE !!!! not soon enough for me.
We have now seen CI Ray...how disappointing...he looked like a sleazy, greasy goof !!! As Danny Taylor he was adorable.
Tony has nothing to worry about. My theory is that Tony and Ziva can not make a couple with anyone else because they are waiting for each other !!! I'm sticking with that. Even if it takes to the very last episode!!!!


Please kill off EJ!!!!! Pleeease!!!!


Great casting for Ray...loved this actor on Without A Trace
and if hes anything like he was on that show, look out Michael Weatherly!


I just Hope Ray isn't bad for Ziva she had bad teste in men b4 I hope EJ is the one to be killed off.


I'm A Tiva fan but I don't want them as a couple yet they wont be a couple until the last episode ever whitch wont be for a anytime soon


Doesn't mean that those agents are partners. And if Gibbs didn't have a problem with it the respect I have for the character would be gone. Beyond that, I don't understand the need to have romance on these shows. Can't they just be enjoyed for what they are? Now I do have a pairing on NCIS that I like and I do like it when they have a moment together. But that doesn't mean I need to see it played out on the show. Why can't SOME Tiva fans be the same way?

Sue ann

Rule number 12 is Gibbs's rule but it is not a rule of NCIS, as stated in one of the DVD ixtras in an earlier year's DVDs. The agency even has married couples working there. He might rant rave, and threaten, but he could not enforce it.


matthew rules are made to be broken.


Never, ever see Tony and Ziva as a couple. Breaks Gibbs rule #12(?) - Gibbs won't put up with it.


it will be very interesting cant wait to see the first meeting between tony and ray.after all tony had a girlfriend its ziva"s turn but i do miss the moments between tony and ziva they are not happening as they use to hope the writers bring the momennts back.

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McGee: All right. Well you should probably know that Abby and I used to date?
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