The Simpsons Review: "The Scorpion's Tale"

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This week's episode of The Simpsons started with a unique premise, as Lisa discovered a flower that pacified aggressive scorpions during a field trip. Then, suddenly, the installment became yet another big pharmaceutical satire. "Simpsons did it!" Oh wait...

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Even stranger was the misuse of guest voice and legendary German director Werner Herzog. He was given plenty of screen time and some great lines; it was just more an inappropriate character for him to be playing.

That's not to say "The Scorpion's Tale" wasn't entertaining and smart. Whether they were poking fun at pharmaceutical sales reps or street drug dealers - the difference being suits and rollaboards - the episode was poignant. It just felt like we've been here before.

Unfortunately, like so many installments before it, this one didn't really know how to wrap things up. The half hour concluded with some ridiculous eyes popping out of their sockets (I know, during a non-Treehouse of Horrors episode!) and an out-of-leftfield generation war. Wait, even The Simpsons has done that before.

Maybe I'm just being extra harsh because there's been so many gems this seasonĀ  Overall, this was definitely still a good episode, even if it wasn't as original as it could have been. We'll leave you with our favorite Simpsons quotes from it. Follow the link and try not to laugh.

The Scorpion's Tale Review

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