Survivor Round Table: "We Hate Our Tribe"

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Stephanie makes a power move this episode, but does it work out?  How are the numbers starting to affect the game?  Our Round Table writers convened to discuss this and more after an action packed episode.

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Who should Zapatera have kept, Krista or Stephanie?

Kyle Kalember: I don't know that it makes that much of a difference.  From what footage we've been shown it seems like Stephanie is more of a plotter and could be slightly more dangerous.  Perhaps since she is a slightly bigger threat they wanted her to face off against Matt with the best chance of going home.

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Dan Forcella: These two are so similar that it really didn't matter that much, but Krista did most of her complaining in confessionals and Stephanie was her fantastically annoying self in front of the entire tribe, so I would have given Stephanie the boot.

Jane Murray: Tough one, they both stink and Matt will pick them off at redemption island.  Before tribal council, I would have said to keep Krista because she at least keeps quiet. Post tribal council, I was glad that Krista went. The two of them are just brutal to listen to.

Luke Dwyer: Stephanie may be more volatile, but at least she brought some energy for her tribe to the challenges.  Krista was of no value to Zapatera whatsoever.

Should Stephanie have revealed her predicament to Ometepe?

Kyle: Absolutely, I love the move.  It gets Rob thinking and only good things come from that.  She doesn't have that much to play with in her own tribe and if she flipped and blind-sided her old alliance it would mean she gets to stay in the game a little longer.  If she's smart she could try to play that into something better by working to fracture her new alliance, get 1 or 2 of them to go with her and see if she could get to the final 3.  Is it likely she makes it that far?  No, but her chances if she stays with her current tribe are zip.

Dan: I think so.  Yeah maybe it might put her on the edge of the Ometepe alliance if she makes it to the merge, but what does she have to lose.  She knows she's the next one to leave from Zapatera anyway.  She might as well try and stir the pot a bit.

Jane: I don't see how it could have hurt her because the two "Russell girls" were done if their tribe lost. It gave a different edge to the game. However, Rob, always scheming, knew that it could have been a lie. Either way, it didn't seem to matter much.

Luke: I'm not sure what it accomplished.  There would be an opportunity to flip when the tribe actually merged and doing so early doesn't help her in anyway.  Remember when Shii-Ann jumped the gun in Survivor: Thailand and was sent home?  Survivor can change so fast.

Would David have been a better choice over Stephanie at the challenge?

Kyle: She actually started out really strong, got all her pieces out before Rob even though he started well before her and immediately got the words The and Victory.  I'm shocked she couldn't figure it out from there.  I guess I'd lean more towards Dave because it does seem she choked after having the sweet taste of victory on the tip of her tongue.

Dan: He couldn't have been any worse.  It should have been game over once they had "the" and "victory".  I'm disappointed in how long it took Boston Rob as well.

Mike Chiesl and David Murph

Jane: That's an easy question since Stephanie lost, anyone could have been a better choice.  I'm not all that fond of David. I think his response to being in panic mode during challenges did nothing but solidify his inability to keep cool in challenging situations.

Luke: Knowing plenty of lawyers myself, I don't know what qualified David to be better at solving a word/phrase puzzle over Stephanie.  I actually agree with Sarita that Stephanie seems very linguistic.  She always has interesting quotes.

How have the other Ometepe tribe members not asked about a clue to the hidden immunity idol?

Kyle: They are dumb.  I have no idea why there isn't more suspicion or anything from those girls and Philip.  It just seems to obvious by now that clues come with rewards so how are they not paying attention?

Dan: Oh the bimbo crew?  Are we really that surprised that they haven't asked about something integral to the game?  These girls should petition for their own reality show on E! or MTV after this season of Survivor is over.

Jane: Rob has them pretty well under control. They haven't even mentioned the immunity idol since it was played. I don't know how they are that out of it. What always amazes me is that the players appear to have never watched Survivor before. I don't understand. I guess the editting crew must do some really good work.

Luke: This continues to baffle me.  Everyone on Zapatera knew there was a possibility of a clue, why doesn't Ometepe know?  Kristina knew, Rob knew and no one else seems to be focused enough to look for a clue, more or less the idol.

Has Philip's new relationship with Andrea changed the dynamics in Ometepe?

Kyle: I guess it all depends on what the next challenges hold.  If they lose another immunity or two there are going to need to be some decisions made and it looks like Rob has a very solid four.  Philip and Andrea seem to be the two on the outside of that "alliance" and could easily get picked off.

Dan: Not really.  They have both been on the outside of the tighter alliance.  However, if they do continue to win and Matt ends up back in the game, they could do some damage with a three person alliance.  I'd love to see redemption actually come out of redemption island.

Ashley and Natalie Can't Look

Jane: It depends when/if Matt comes back. I think Andrea sees the girls in her tribe as useless (which they are), but is smart enough to play the game with them. As she said, she does the social things right. Rob knows that Andrea is a threat, which is why he broke her and Matt up. Rob will get rid of her over the other two girls, but I wonder if he'll get rid of Philip before her. As Rob said, he likes having Philip around to take the focus off of him.

Luke: Absolutely.  There are now three pairs in the Ometepe alliance and whichever two combine, the remaining pair will be the first two sent home when necessary.  My guess is that Philip leverages his relationship with Andrea to get Boston Rob and Grant to vote out Ashley and Natalie.

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