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Oh, Tina, did someone forget to tell you about the boundaries of student/teacher relations? I guess it wouldn't be an episode of Skins without a little proverbial line crossing.

I applaud the change in character focus on "Tina." After all of the teenager-based episodes, delving into Tina's personal story illustrated the difficulties of being an adult. Life can be a confusing place, no matter what age you are.

In fact, it was rather sad that Tina acted and behaved like her students. Lacking any other peers with which to confide or associate with can certainly add weight to the difficulties of trying to find your place in the world. It makes more sense why she became involved with Chris, as he provided a care and attention that she desired.

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Sure, it was highly inappropriate, but I'm glad she finally came to her senses and ended the relationship with Chris. He may have confessed his love for her (was it only puppy love?), but Tina knew that it wasn't what she wanted. Or what Chris needed. Not only was she able to take her own advice and act like an adult, but also choosing to delete his number off her cell phone showed growth as a character.

Unfortunately, the rest of the episode left me asking questions.

Why did Tina seem to flip flop personality wise? Sometimes she seemed focused and serious about being an adult. Other times, it seemed like she was lacking a brain. Why would she even think to tell the neighbor that she was a sex offender? Better yet, how did she get hired as a teacher?

Additionally, why is Dave still on this show? He came across, as he did in the past, as an extremely obnoxious and unbelievable character. His stalking wasn't funny and his continuously absurd speeches for the students made me want to roll my eyes. Maybe he's supposed to represent the out of touch adult who thinks he's slick, but his character comes across as just plain weird and unnatural.

Even the police detective seemed to be overacting when he said lines like "carnal" and "show me where she touched you on the doll." Moments like this could have been funny or even deeply serious, but instead took me out of the show completely.

As for the neighbor, why would he kiss Tina? He was friendly enough, but his signals seemed pretty clear that he didn't want anything to do with her. I understand she might not have noticed, but why lean in and then get mad when things try and go further?

And what is the deal with Tony? He's disappeared to the background in the past episodes, and nobody seemed to know his whereabouts. Plus, when he did show up, the rest of the gang was strongly against hanging out with him. How is it that the group knew he'd been cheating on Michelle, and was relatively okay with it, but now they decided to stand up to hm?

Finally, what is the tone supposed to be for the show? I know it's possible to combine drama and comedy for a successful story, but I'm not sure if Skins even knows what it wants. Not only does it seem to change week to week, but this particular episode seemed overacted to the point where I wasn't sure if it was trying to mock itself and the situations that took place.

If Skins gets a second season, I hope that it spends more time with its characters and less time with over the top moments. There's plenty of personal life and relationship drama that can fuel the show. I'd take character interaction over scenes with prison defecation any day.

Tina Review

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