Skins Season Finale Review: Elusive Eura

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If only all of the Skins episodes were like the season finale.

While Lost may have benefited from the single character centered episodes, attempts here often missed the point or even left the other cast members as background. There were good intentions with rather poor consequences.

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So it was a refreshing surprise that "Eura" managed to breathe life into the hit-and-miss show by doing something the previous episodes didn't: it focused on everyone.

Each character had his/her own particular storyline to deal with, as well as the main issue of finding Eura. It was like watching a regular hour of television, where multiple things happened at once, stories developed and progressed, and characters learned new things about themselves and the people around them.

The elusively mute Eura garnered the main plot focus and drove the rest of the characters toward their final actions. Where some might consider her character to be mysterious, I found her dead stares rather creepy.

Weirdness aside, Eura was even further down the depressing line of teenage attention. Her lack of voice screamed for someone to simply notice her. It was sad that when her own brother wouldn't speak to her, she truly felt alone.

Taking a page out of Tony's manipulative book, she was able to get her brother and the group back together. There's a lot more to her character than her blank stares, but she definitely cares about Tony.

The person who benefited the most from the experience was Stanley. He essentially took over the role as leader of the group, finally spoke his mind, and even kissed the girl he loved. Who knew that the quiet, shy character would turn into the one that stood taller than the rest. Stanley has come a long way since the first episode, and it was great to see him admired and respected by everyone else.

Kudos to the actor, Daniel Flaherty, whose abilities have certainly improved. He was able to provide an emotional range that felt believable. From telling Tony to get lost, to coming up with horrible music lyrics, to illustrating a chemistry with Michelle, Flaherty was able to round out his character in serious and comedic moments.

It was interesting that all of the characters continued to push him and Cadie together, but I was glad that it was Michelle he ended up with. Not only did it feel right, but it was something worth rooting for.

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As for the rest of the characters:

  • Abbud expressed his feelings for Daisy and she reciprocated. Yay, sex with emotion!
  • Tony snapped out of his funk and showed real concern. He cares a lot more than he lets on.
  • Cadie attempted to make a move on Stanley, broke his trust, and accompanied him during a song. She still has issues, but at least she's trying.
  • Tea decided to stick around with her minor character girlfriend. I guess taking off your clothes and getting in bed constitutes settling down?
  • Finally, Chris maintained his party boy image and moved on from Tina. Maybe.

The problems of the dialogue are still evident at times, and particular scenes can lack their intended emotion, but ultimately the finale's positives outweighed the negatives.

Whether or not a second season takes place (the ratings dropped dramatically as the show progressed), remains to be seen. If Skins can separate itself from its UK counterpart, focus on character instead of scandal, and continue in the vein of the finale, I'd be interested in seeing where these characters are headed.

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Eura Review

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Skins Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Cadie: I don't know if it was real. Why is that, Stanley?
Stanley: Oh, no reason, apart from every time we get together, you mostly try and kill yourself.

Abbud: No, dude. It's a Muslim rehab. I'll probably have to get a beard, and that's a problem because it only grows under my ears. And I'll never get to see Daisy's breasts again. I don't care how many virgins are waiting for me. It's like way bad.
Chris: Virgins? What do you have to do to qualify?
Abbud: Die.
Chris: Seems a little out there.