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Thanks for reading!

It appears that we are all on Team Addie. (:

By the way, you guys are right - Amelia was adorable this episode.

@Renee: I love your theory. We just want Addison to be happy. Is that too much to ask?!


I think Addie may actually be pregnant. I think her test may have been a false negative. I say this because the episode made a point to tell us that she is late, she didn't have a fever, and she's been hormonal, etc. I feel like she's going to think it's negative/that she's not pregnant then in the finale or something she will find out that the test was wrong. We've known since day one of PP that she wants a baby but they are building that up/talking about that so much more this season then before. They wouldn't do that if that storyline weren't going somewhere. So, like I said, I think she's pregnant and it was a false negative.
Also, I LOVE Amelia. The girl is awesome.


i agree with everyone here.

disappointed because i want addy to be pregnant.
but also glad that she didn't waste her one last egg on heartless sam. he doesn't deserve her. he's just holding her back. this is precious time she could spend with someone else who really cares about her and who wants the same things she wants.

i wish it was sam who'd been hit by arizona and callie's car!


Addison needs to get rid of Sam ASAP! And then she needs to have a baby! Preferably with a kind loving caring man! And I really hope that Kate gets her happy ending too! :)


I was very disappointed that they did not have Addison be expecting, she was so crushed. That was such a cruel thing to do!! Melissa


I was very disappointed that Addison wasn't pregnant. As much as I don't like her with Sam at all, She deserves to have her dream of having a child come true especially after losing her Mother. This show is strong and I hope it continues on........


Maybe her and sam break up in the finale and then she finds out she is pregnant..anyway hes being a jerk to her and needs to get back to his old self beacuse i love them!
amelia was so cute this ep i hope she gets with the nec doc


I really felt for Addison this episode.
I really hoped she'd find out she was pregnant.
But to be honest, some part of me hoped she didn't.
I love her with Sam, but I don't want her to have his baby. :(
It sounds evil, and I liked them, but I am over them now.
But oh well, all good things come for those who wait. :)
I hope Addison does find out she is pregnant sooner rather than later. :D

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