Off The Map Review: "I'm Home"

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Where is home? Is it a house? Is it a place?

Or is it simply the feeling you have when you are with people who accept and care about you? "I'm Home" had all of our doctors acknowledging where home was for them.

A hepatitis outbreak took our doctors to the local prison. Tommy got all hot and bothered contemplating a women's prison on a remote island. That is, until he set foot inside one.

The men's and women's prisons were connected by the same wall. What genius designed that? Who would imagine someone would make a hole?

Love Those Off the Map Cuties

Somehow Off The Map managed to find a strange kind of romance in the storyline between two seriously ill prisoners spending years talking through a hole in the wall.

I loved the imagery of the sunset that Hugo finally got to see before he died. For him, Becky's description of the sunset had become home.

I wasn't expecting Otis to make the connection between where Becky was and where he could have ended up. Every week Otis becomes a bit more complex.

It was nice to see Zee admit she still had feelings for him, even if she still held him at arms length. I think the slow build between these two should be worth the wait.

Lily was thrilled to be back at the clinic after a few days off and she's finally getting used to Zee's normal abruptness. The jungle clinic crew just isn't a touchy feely type of crowd but Lily seemed to be learning to accept that.

I didn't think Mateo would be back. I was wrong. This time he brought along his sick mother. Somehow I liked Mom better than Mateo. It looked as though we'll be seeing more of Mateo since Lily agreed to be his mother's personal physician. 

Ryan and Ben made it back from New York. It was sweet the way Ben tried to be what Ryan wanted. She asked him to make her feel strong.

As they both quickly realized, she's not strong, she's seriously ill. It was no longer about what she wanted but what she needed. She needed to understand her limitations. When reality finally hit, they leaned on one another.

Mina and Tommy were completely awkward and totally cute. Tommy couldn't stop picturing her naked and it played havoc with their working relationship.

The best moment was when Mina admitted that she considered Tommy and Lily her home. She's safe and comfortable with them and she didn't want that to change. That was a huge acknowledgment for Mina. I'm entirely sure Tommy realized it.

Off The Map seems to be coming into its own. I've really begun to care about these characters and where they're headed. How about you?

I'm Home Review

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