NCIS to Air Tony Flashback Episode May 3

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Details have emerged about a much-anticipated Tony DiNozzo "origin" episode of NCIS. On May 3, the show will take us back 10 years to his days with the Baltimore P.D.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Scott Grimes (ER) will play Det. Danny Price, a former partner of Tony who worked together with DiNozzo as cops in that city.

It's unclear if Grimes, who already announced his gig on Twitter, will appear in the present as well as in flashbacks, or just one of the two. But it should be fun to watch.

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In November, NCIS flashed back 20 years to reveal what happened in Amsterdam to shape Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll), and what led him to become the director of the agency.

In preparation, Carroll and guest star Michael Nouri, who plays Ziva's father Eli David, spent a ton of time in the makeup trailer to shave the years off, with convincing results.

Will Weatherly undergo the same transformation? Can he shed 20 pounds in the span of a week? What do you think this Tony episode will tell us about the resident cutup?

Comments and predictions are encouraged below.

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Markovich, i think you watch again u can assume Blackadder got fired at the end of the Jag 2 parter.


Absolutamente de acuerdo con "editor". Sería un momento soñado. Una charla profunda con Ziva, que ella contara qué le pasó en Somalia cdo. estuvo secuestrada, que cada uno sincere sus sentimientos mutuos. Ya después de 5 años juntos he perdido las esperanzas de verlos juntos pero los escritores podrían respetarnos y entregarnos un medio capítulo de esa química infernal que existe entre ellos.


Janet, you and I think a lot alike ! It would be good to have Tony hurt and in hospital to hear how he joined NCIS. I'm thinking maybe Ziva could have a "moment" alone with him as well and maybe put to rest those comments that he is a "big brother" to her..and subconsciously Tony hears her...can set up a really nice relationship between them for Season 9 yes? When that twit Barrett and greaseball CIRay are GONE!! I think so !
And Michael Weatherly is as good looking now as he was in Season 1..maybe more so with a little less hair and and little bit more to hug !!! Yah !Love my Tony!


Just in time for birthday. Hell yeah. Much-anticipated? Definitely. I can't wait to see how this goes down.


@Matthew Markovich
Before Kate it was just Tony and Gibbs they meantion that in season 1 and if you work in a real job its not that diffrent then what NCIS show us


I like Tony hes makes the show funny. and its a show half the things they do that cant do in real life like Gibbs head slapping witch I like so I dont mind Tony acting like a kid


Im thinking Tonys old partner has an axe to grind with Tony, or remember the comment that Tony made to Kates sister about almost losing that kid in Baltamore? I think that will come into play also. Also spoilers have indicated that Gibbs will need a couple new agents for awhile, this could be because Tony is in the hospital for a spell. Was he really afraid of needles to give blood or is he hiding something?HMM!


I like Michael Weatherly as an actor but they have to do something with his Dinotezio (Fornel's pronunciation) character. He can't stay a "PETER PAN" juvenile delinquent forever. I never thought he was a very good agent and in real life wouldn't last esp. in a job like that. Notice he never stayed anywhere longer than a couple of years? No one would put up with him. I don't think he will die or get injured - been there done that, remember? How he got recruited by Gibbs might be interesting if done correctly. I'm still upset we never learned what happened to his previous team members (pre-Kate), Vivian Blackadder and Don Dobbs. I really hate a lack of continuity. I blame Bellesario.


I just hope this isn't leading up to a cast change! I always get nervous when a show I like starts doing a lot of retrospectives. There are just certain casts that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, and NCIS has been lucky enough to have one of those casts. Changing the chemistry always runs the risk of ruining the "fit" and making the cast less likeable, hence the show less watchable.

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