NCIS Promo: Do You Trust Vance?

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After this week's episode, which was primarily lighter fare, NCIS raises the stakes big time next Tuesday with the return of Special Agent E.J. Barrett (Sarah Jane Morris).

Introduced several weeks ago as both a love interest for Tony and a rival for Gibbs, those two components will complicate matters for the mysterious E.J. in "Two-Faced."

When Barrett returns to lead an investigation of a death that may be connected to a series of murders - triggering the port-to-port killer story line - tensions with Gibbs rise.

Also intriguing? Vance's role in all this.

The Director

The Director always plays it close to the vest, but he's clashed with Gibbs more lately than ever before, especially after their recent blowup over the interrogation incident.

Did he bring Barrett in to say on (or unseat) Jethro in some fashion? Why is a separate team assembling in D.C.? Does Vance have an endgame we've yet to understand?

What do you think? Do you trust Vance?

What his role is in the serial killer story arc is unclear, but it will be interesting to see play out. Follow the jump for CBS promo for "Two-Faced" and comment below ...

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I don't think NCIS writers want us to trust Vance. Although it seemed as if his relationship with Gibbs had been improving throughout seasons 7 and 8 up through "Enemies Domestic," since then it's taken great leaps backwards. Now the tension between Gibbs and Vance seems as bad, if not worse, than it was at the beginning of season 6. It looks as if Vance is having a hard time dealing with learning the real reason he was recruited to NCIS and he's taking it out on Gibbs.


Its call keeping the fanbase the character are getting old and they need to bring in new faces to keep people watching


I'm really tiring of CBS bringing in all these new characters to their shows. These shows (NCIS, Criminal Minds, etc) are some of the best performers on network TV. Why screw around with them by removing beloved characters (JJ, Prentiss), and adding in useless blondes (Sever/Seaver/whatever, and now EJBarrett). UGH.


They already cover vance shredding the papers keep up


yes lain i remember vance shredding the papers and you are right somethings not right.


EJ and Vance must know about Ziva and her Boyfriend and how they are the killers


anyone else remember as soon as he took over from Jenny, he shredded a document from his secure file..........still don't like him and Gibbs is right to be suspicious. As Abby would say, 'Something is hinky here'.


you ran a marathon today ALL DAY for NCIS.....the ending of last show well fix it!!!!!!lol i dont like being left hanging


you ran a marathon today on NCIS.....the ending sucked left everybody hanging, fix


No confío para nada en Vance. Indudablemente metió a la antipática de EJ y equipo con la idea de molestar y eventualmente reemplazar a Gibbs y equipo. Por eso creo que Gibbs envió a Tony a jugarla de romántico con Ej para ver si puede extraer información de cuáles son sus intenciones y propósitos. Espero (xq soy pro-Tiva) que sólo sea absolutamente pasajero y que los que realmente se vayan sean Vance, EJ y equipo (llevándose a Ray consigo).

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