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I'm so glad to hear she'll be back! I love Georgina's character because she's really someone who threatens all the characters. Honestly, I wish she could be a regular.


Awwwww, exCiting !!! Nothing can compare Georgina sparks the best Villain Ever on GG!!! Smart evil!!!
Her Return in Last Season 2 Finale is so Bomb!!!!
I think u guys must be realize that Last Episode Blair Mention GEORGINA name to Dan! So it is a little hints that Georgina will return this final season !! Excited !! Excited !! Awesome !!


Yeahhhh omg !!!!!!!!! Thank u God! Thank U Josh And Stephanie.. THIS final Season Fourth will be so amazing !! The Most Crazy role Georgina sparks Return Will Be so BLAST!! Also Jack Bass team up with Georgina ! She need helps lily serena eric chuck blair to BlackMail Raina , Russell , Damien! Or is there anything about Russian mobster connected with Bass and russel?!!
And will be awesome !! JULIET need to return too!! Georgina VS Juliet ?!!! Will be Superb right ? 2 Crazy Bitches fight! We can't wait next news of Georgina Sparks !!


I see a Juliet/Georgina scheme coming up!!!!!


I always have just assumed that her baby belongs to Scott, and so is Dan's sort-of nephew and Lily and Rufus's grandson. I don't know why--I just don't buy the Russian mobster story about parentage. However, you'd think if that were true, something about it would have emerged during the DNA test. Or maybe not, I don't know how that works, especially if Dan and Scott only share one parent.

Anyway, glad she's returning, and no idea why. I also would be very pleased to have Juliet back! It's important to have some good villains to stir the pot. I worry that they made Juliet too terrible. Maybe she and Lily can share a prison cell, HAHAHAA.


@--A I grew I need Jenny back in order to truly enjoy the finally.


WOW, juliet's coming back, CeCe, William, The prince, Carol, Georgina wat could not happend this season finaly, but i need Jenny for the Perfect GG Finaly whyt a BomB


*yawn no surprise there.. they always bring her back towards the end of the season.


The baby would be a good angle, but Dan has no parental connection to Milo. Of course, Georgina could be lying and it was Dan's kid to begin with, but other than that, I don't see Milo have that much impact.


Yess I love georgina !!!!!!!! :) best gg villain ever !!!!jenny is just sad juilliet thought she was doing the right thing georgina is the only real bitch !!!! I love her and blairs scenes together and now there's dair geogina will have fun !!!!!

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