House Review: A Killer Wedding

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Is it a good thing or a bad thing when the case of the week on House is more interesting than anything involving House or Cuddy?

I was prepared to write "Fall From Grace" off as a a wasted hour that didn't deliver anything we haven't seen a number of times before - House popping pills, House acting like an uncaring jerk, Wilson getting his friend's attention with salient words about his situation - but the final 30 seconds at least caught me by surprise.

This is the Life...

I was as taken aback as Masters to discover the truth about the possibly homeless patient. Many other medical shows have dealt with the topic of treating a criminal, but this revelation might actually have long-lasting effects.

Might the realization that she played such a vital role in saving the life of a serial killer play into the "rules" Amber Tamblyn told us her character will break before she departs? Gives us something interesting to consider over the three-week hiatus at least.

I wish I had more to analyze and review, but I wasn't surprised Cuddy felt guilty about dumping House and I wasn't surprised to see House turn down sex from his new bride. We're meant to take that as a significant sign regarding his feelings for Cuddy... but did anyone doubt he was totally in love with her already?

At this point, while House's team seemed shock to see him scoot into work and then to arrive in a monster truck, I'm not sure any antics can catch me off guard. I'll continue to enjoy Hugh Laurie, a few Taub quotes had me smiling this week and the return of Thirteen on April 11 looks intriguing. But does anyone care about the status of House and Cuddy anymore?

I'm actually asking. Would love to know.


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I stopped watching House 2 seasons ago, I suggest everyone follow suit.


ITA! And I never cared about the status of House and Cuddy, as long as they are not a couple. Huddy break-up was the best step to make up for the Huddy mistake.


Now I have lost the only show I really looked forward too. Even with Lauries American act, this show has become a total waste. We finally agree on one.


I have found that more people would tune in to these shows if they could afford TV &/or the converter boxes actually worked. When people try to view them online they are unavailable without a cost.


I was just as eager for the start of the new season, waiting months to see what the House/Cuddy relationship would be. But I also have to admit I have been losing interest this season, and was very disappointed with the breakup. Them getting together, at last, was the main interest.


house could use some more interaction with the doctor that treated him in rehab.....also would like to see the sister in law of the psych ward patient (that was musically talented) come back into the picture.....she was good for house and he went thru more than sex with this woman........last nite's episode was a break from the norm but as always, great writing.....can't wait for 13 to appear......


Totally agree. The whole House getting weirder and weirder thing (monster trucks, prostitutes in the hospital with him etc) is just getting stupid - I just sigh and wish they'd get on and tell a decent story. The House / Cuddy relationship was great and the way they broke up was just nuts - it didn't hang together well and was a bit feeble if the truth be told. They shouldn't have put House back on the pills again - that's just a cop out. TBH I feel they have lost the plot a bit. Wilson is still the most believable character on the show. No idea what 13's return will bring - I rather like how Taub is developing - and I can't see her being there for anything more than dramatic impact as she's wheeled from the prison and chained to the gurney while her former comrades have to treat her for her disease. Do I smell some debate about mercy killing coming on? House needs to pick up or shut up shop. Find a high and go out on it.


I have gotten to frustrated about the way they have handled House and Cuddy being a couple from the start! I was quite excited at the end of season 6 because they would finally give it a chance. But when they started it just wasn't what I expected it to be. I always thought of them as a form of a couple, and figured nothing would change other then the fact that they would call each other by the first name. But things were completely turned around. I think Cuddy changed, from the Cuddy we always knew, and that was a problem for me. Like they weren't calling each other by their first names. I agreed with Cuddy's mother on that issue. Usually watching the major couple be together should feel comfortable, but it never did.


I hate to say this but if house doesn`t get any better I think it will be over. I don`t care about the Cuddy House thing much. So 13 has been in Jail this whole time for what and I thought She was having problems with huntintons. I guesse not. tired of cuddy and House back and forth. I knew that killer was one when he told the story about his girlfriend I was thinking he might do something to Masters I was wrong.


I was a bit blown away by the case and the secret the patient had, but at this point, no patient case really surprises me that much. The House/Cuddy interaction left something to be desired. I really feel like there should have been some kind of confrontation between the two of them, with House being the jerk he is known to be. It would have at least made the episode more enjoyable... I really just can't wait for Thirteen to come back, hopefully she'll bring some drama with her.

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It's the classic "you dumped me, so I'm gonna get married a week later" rouse.


House: I don't think his real name is Ferris Bueller.
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