House Review: A Killer Wedding

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Is it a good thing or a bad thing when the case of the week on House is more interesting than anything involving House or Cuddy?

I was prepared to write "Fall From Grace" off as a a wasted hour that didn't deliver anything we haven't seen a number of times before - House popping pills, House acting like an uncaring jerk, Wilson getting his friend's attention with salient words about his situation - but the final 30 seconds at least caught me by surprise.

This is the Life...

I was as taken aback as Masters to discover the truth about the possibly homeless patient. Many other medical shows have dealt with the topic of treating a criminal, but this revelation might actually have long-lasting effects.

Might the realization that she played such a vital role in saving the life of a serial killer play into the "rules" Amber Tamblyn told us her character will break before she departs? Gives us something interesting to consider over the three-week hiatus at least.

I wish I had more to analyze and review, but I wasn't surprised Cuddy felt guilty about dumping House and I wasn't surprised to see House turn down sex from his new bride. We're meant to take that as a significant sign regarding his feelings for Cuddy... but did anyone doubt he was totally in love with her already?

At this point, while House's team seemed shock to see him scoot into work and then to arrive in a monster truck, I'm not sure any antics can catch me off guard. I'll continue to enjoy Hugh Laurie, a few Taub quotes had me smiling this week and the return of Thirteen on April 11 looks intriguing. But does anyone care about the status of House and Cuddy anymore?

I'm actually asking. Would love to know.

Fall From Grace Review

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It's the classic "you dumped me, so I'm gonna get married a week later" rouse.


House: I don't think his real name is Ferris Bueller.
Martha: Why? Seriously. Who is that?
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