Glee Review: Winners Like Them

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I knew we were in for a solid Glee episode when it kicked off with a song ("Misery") and then instantly addressed a long-running beef I've had with one aspect of the show:

Why the heck does Blaine get every single Warbers solo?

From there, "Original Song" delivered one winning performance after another, focused on actual relationship and character developments and proved one indisputable fact: my goodness, Lea Michele can sing.

Regionals Performance

Rachel's "Get It Right" was the highlight of the hour, as it did a lot more than merely showcase Michele's pipes. It spoke to the evolution and struggle of this girl, someone who has gone from cute to irritating to the most obvious MVP candidate since Tom Brady.

I somehow doubt Mr. Bundchen broke down while accepting the trophy, however.

Elsewhere, Blaine and Kurt didn't preach to the audience in any way. They simply acted like two students falling for each other, as writers resisted the effort to just throw these two into a relationship from the outset. Such patience paid off in a kiss that viewers have been clamoring for and which felt completely earned.

And then a second kiss because, come on, it's Darren Criss!

On the Finn/Rachel/Quinn front, the latter was doing all she could to revisit her days as the school's queen bee, but you could tell she didn't really buy it. Her eyes welled up as she told Rachel off because Quinn is simply unsure of who she is. Without the prom crown and the head cheerleader outfit, how does she define herself? By being Finn's girlfriend, she thought, but not at the expense of a couple that is clearly meant to be.

I expect Finchel fans to soon be rejoicing when Quinn realizes she can no longer stand in the way.

One aspect of the episode felt forced and superfluous, however: the use of the Regionals judges. I'm typically all for some good Sarah Palin mockery, but it felt shoved in and out of place here, like producers lost a bet to Kathy Griffin and had to pay up via such a cameo.

Overall, this was the sort of episode that made me fall in love with Glee in the first place. Great acting, non-stop singing - a total of seven songs, not including such classics as "Trouty Mouth" and "Big Ass Heart" - and relationships that make you both laugh and cry.

With the show taking a few weeks off until April, this was the ideal way to go out. What did everyone else think?


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loved lea michele's was brilliant!!!Love the songs "get it right","loser like me",and big ass heart"


Nice review. I thought it was a good episode too -- didn't know it was the last for a stretch, but like you said, a good note to go out on. I also agree about the judges -- unnecessary, and not really funny. Good points about Quinn too. Check out my full review here!


Klaine was amazing! I'm so glad that they finally gor together!


The musical numbers were amazing!! Ok, I am a huge Quinn fan but the way she has been acting lately on the show is terrible! She was way to harsh to Rachel. But at the same time, when Quinn was telling Rachel to get over Finn and "Get it Right" it seemed like she was admitting that she was settling for Finn as she now believes that she can never have a happily ever after. I think that she has a lot of unresloved issues! I am actually a huge huge huge Quinn/Puck fan and I would also love for her to get back togeher with him and for Rachel and Finn to be together again as they most likely will judging how Finn was smiling at Rachel during "Get it Right" (which was amazing!) Fingers crossed! :)


one word: amazing


Lea Michelle is by far one of the best actors/singers on the show. This season it seems like she is getting shoved back, well more like Rachel is so others can come forward when really her and Kurt carry the whole show!


First of all, as a big Rachel fan, I wanna say that she made me cry yesterday. Well, I felt heartwarmed when I saw the Klaine kiss. Kurt has fallen in love with Blaine for such a long time and finally started a relationship with him. I don't really know if I like Rachel with Finn after his ridiculous attempt to get back with Quinn. Not that I don't like her, but he was so devastated when his best friend got her pregnant and he broke up with Rachel because she kissed Puck, and he still get together with someone that hurt him so much? In fact, in my point of view, what Quinn did was much worse than Rachel's actions. Due to this reason, sometimes I wonder if Rachel doesn't deserve better. Someone that will love her for who she is, the annoying Rachel and the cute Rachel. The New Direction's performance was breathtaking, I got goosebumps during the whole presentation. I hope that Klaine will stay together for a long time. For the record, Quinn was ridiculously mean to Rachel.


I hope FINN and Quinn stay together as they deserve each other. I also agree with Keith: why does Rachel have to be shut out now just because she is going to leave in the future?


I love this episode so much!!!!.....but I don´t think that Quinn and Finn will end up together....Finn said at season one that he doesn´t wanna end up like guys in his hometown, he wants to be something more then mechanic at this point Quinn was mean and selfish and she truly doesn´t care about Finn like Rachel does.


On the judges ... Somebody commented in a review of another show that if you intend to watch a show made in Hollywood, you just have to accept a certain amount of leftist propaganda. The east and west coast elites call the rest of "America flyover-country" (and, ironically, or they really know what prejudice is to want to take on bullying, the show was created out of real Indiana-Ohio Glee Club experiences by the show's creators). That said (about having to tolerate a certain amount of political prejudice), other than not having a clue what the tea party is and attributing everything hateful they can imagine to the tea party in order to make fun of it, I think it really was an attempt by the writers to be funny -- like they've done with all the judges in every show they've had them (like Olivia Newton John saying brunettes have no place in show biz or the 3rd runner up beauty queen getting creeped out by deaf kids or Kathy Griffin's tea partier).

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